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Air Purifiers.. Help?

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So i have heard random rumors that air purifiers don't actually work, is this true?

The situation is this: I moved recently to Southern Cali (from Michigan) and I'm now coughing up pure black snot and spit.. I bought a white rotating fan to cool my room, after just 1 day the blades are covered in black dirt and such. All 3 of my roommates smoke, but they all smoke downstairs and i keep my door closed. It may also not help that they have 2 cats, and i enjoy letting one of them in my room.

Help me! I cant stand breathing this much nasty air, i feel like I'm going to have lung cancer in a week!

My limit is $100 i need a GOOD WORKING air filter, for just my room. Thanks guys.
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"Purifiers" and filters do different things. I have various allergies and have used HEPA filters for years. (HEPA is a grade, not a brand. It stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air filters.) Here is a page with a link to a list of HEPA filters under $100:
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For the love of god, stay away from the "ionic" type air purifiers. Fan/filter based, especially HEPA ones, are way more effective.
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This is what I'm going to do when the filter in my Bionaire is done. I bought the bionaire new for 20.00, there is no way I'm paying 90.00 for a replacement filter.
I'm buying some 3M Filtrete whole house filters from a Home depot and cut them to fit the Bionaire.
You can do this to a box fan you have lying around. Tape the filter on the back of the fan.
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YOu can do a search on this topic: we've had a couple of very informative discussions here about filters/purifiers.
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I've been happy with my Honeywell Hepa filter. Don't remember the price though, I've had it for years.
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Originally Posted by daycart1
. . .
Another philosopher here. . .

Perhaps you're the only one to recognize my avatar.
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Originally Posted by TMHBAT
Another philosopher here. . .

Perhaps you're the only one to recognize my avatar.
LOL, my guy has a better hairdo than 'ol Shopey. He probably would have lasted longer with a good air filter (back on topic...).
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What do you guys think of this one?

Its number one on the list of Buyer's Guide to HEPA Filters at


Also how often does the filter need replaced? As well as how much does it cost?
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That'd be Schopenhauer. (But he bears a striking resemblence to one of the scary portraits of old Masters that hung on the wall of the dining hall in my college...)
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Originally Posted by Jakets
What do you guys think of this one?
That's probably as good as anything in this size/price range. I think is a reasonably reliable source, too.

My only other concern would be with the level, and tone, of sound a filter makes. Unfortunately there's really no way to know if one would irritate you more than another. At least this one as several settings.

"Better hairdo. . ."
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Buy large cheap fan, and buy filter, and duct tape it to the back of the fan. It'll work almost as well for less cost!!
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Try this one instead, I used it and it works.
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I actually picked this one:

It seems to offer what most of the others does, looks nice, and with the $20 mail in rebate, its dirt cheap.
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We install a Lennox Pure Air system on our furnance. Measurable results they guarantee. I couldn't get a direct link to the results of the survey so you will need to quickly answer the survey.
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