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Well, if the Solera (?Camry Solara?) sound system is anything like the Camry's sound system, my ears tell me unquestionably the EX70s are better.

Our Camry's speakers sound way too congested, bloated bass, and literally, NO mids, NONE!... standard settings are -2 Bass and -1 Treble, just so I can hear the mids.

Make sure your EX70 fit is good! This is like, SO important!
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Oh, by the way, a quick lesson in frequency response:

Extreme bottom below 32 Hz
Low bass, bottom octave 20 to 40 Hz
Midbass 40 to 80 Hz
Upper bass 80 to 160 Hz
Lower midrange 160 to 320 Hz
Midrange 320 to 2,560 Hz
Upper midrange 2,560 to 5,120 Hz
Highs, lower highs 5,120 to 10,240 Hz
Extreme highs, top octave 10,240 to 20,000 Hz

Anyways, a good way to test midrange is to play something with female vocals in it. If all it is is a female vocal, that will tell you how good the midrange sounds. If it is female vocals with some highs and lows too, and it turns out that you can't hear what the lady is saying, or it's not as loud as it should be, that means that your midrange is recessed. Which I'm guessing it is! Car audio, unmodified from the factory, sucks!
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it could be your source. if your portable had poor or tinny sound the sony's will sound bad too. it could also be the recordings. some cd reissues sound awful (especially stuff released in the 80s). it could also be your ex70 aren't sealing correctly in your ears.

may i suggest you plug those ex70 in to your home cd player or fm tuner and burn them in for about 24 hours? i know burn in is a hotly contested topic, but i own 2 pair of ex70. the one pair has been burned in and sounds great. the other hasn't and sounds a bit harsh in the treble (blind test). they are both the "3 tip" kind, too. i tried various mods to my ex70 such as covering the holes with tape (the bass vanished), and filling the gasket edges with foam (no improvement), but the only mod that improves the sound is burn in.

i could also be you simply don't like the sound of the ex70, although i find it hard to believe they could sound worse than a stock car stereo, but what do i know? i haven't heard your car stereo, have i?
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I told my dad my problem, how the car sounds better and I'm not used to the earphones and he told me that the car has a really great stereo. (Solera is a Toyota).

I wanna test them in my stereo but the headphone jack doesnt fit, I know I have an attachment to make the plug thick but I dont know where it is right now.
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That's called a 1/8th inch to a 1/4th inch headphone adapter plug....

it's a normal headphone plug in the stereo, just oversized, right?

you can get those adapters ANYWHERE, for a dime a dozen...

try radio shack for some okay ones.
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Hurt your ears

I dont know if this is because the earphones or not ..

but about a month ago (before i got the ex70's) I had an ear in fection. I took some pills, bla bla, and my ear was ok. I've been using the ex70's a lot recently to get some burn in and just get used to the sound, and this morning when I woke up the inside of my ear was hurting again. Have any of you had this problem? Could it be I'm not putting them in right? (they feel fine and snug in my ears).
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are the tips on your ex70 kept clean? i wash mine (after removing them of course!), and never touch the rubber tips with my fingers. if they get dust or crumbs on them i wipe them off with a lint free cloth. did you take all your antibiotics? if not the infection will come back worse. i will sometimes take a q-tip, dip it in hydrogen peroxide and let it foam in my ear for a few minute if my ear hurts.

take care of your ears and hearing everyone or those nice cans wont mean shiat.

maybe you should lay off the canal phones until your ears feel better.
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I never really cleaned em, how do I go about cleaning them properly?
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pull the gaskets off the earbuds, and wash them in warm water and mild hand soap. dry them with a cloth towel. make sure you get all the water off before you put them back on the buds (sometimes i use a blow dryer). don't wipe them off with paper towels or kleenex because the lint will stick to the rubber.

i try to keep mine as clean as i can for obvious reasons.
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They are always a little dirty when you take them out of your ears, is there fast alternative way of cleaning them without doing the whole soap and water method?
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i carry around a glasses cloth (no lint) to wipe them off with.
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Yea man! EVERY TIME you take a shower, soap your ears and let the water spray against and into your ears and stuff.....
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Now Gluegun, do you put the soap in the ear? And what kind of soap would you use, is there any audiophile grade soap out there?

But believe me the Solara's stock system (if it is the same as the current Camry that is) is crap, the EX70 sounds far better.
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You can't tell me the ex70 sound better than the car, because they really dont.

I think it also depends what style of music your listening to.

OF COURSE i wash my ears fools When i meant clean them - I was talking about the ear buds. Anyways I washed them in warm water with hand soap and dried it with a hair dryer.
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I like listening to my car stereo better than my Sportapros. Course this is simply a matter of overall enjoyment, and not head to head sound comparisons.
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