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Found out why my Sony MDREX70LP sound bad

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I haven't worn ear phones in a long time since I got my licence about 2 years ago. So I'm used to driving around with the car stereo blasting. Now I go back to ear phones, and they don't sound as good as I remember, because they just can't compare to what I'm used to hearing, oh well.
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What, they don't have enough bass?
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Patience, allow yor ears to adjust to them again
Unless you have a defective one
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The bass sounds alright, but during songs where there is no bass they sound pretty awful. But ya I just gotta get used to them. I found a pair of earphones I used to use that were amazing and they too sound bad.
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Could you please explain what aspects the sound of the EX70's does not have to your blasting car stereo?
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Re: treble?

Originally posted by melancholypunk
The bass sounds alright, but during songs where there is no bass they sound pretty awful. But ya I just gotta get used to them. I found a pair of earphones I used to use that were amazing and they too sound bad.
Umm your car system must be REALLY good for you to not like the EX-70s or are you one of the types who prefers speakers to headphones?
IMO the ex-70 are excellent buds for the price you pay and with the mods you could do a lot.
For starters try the tape mod for the bass maybe youll like them better afterwards.

Give it patience...dont listen to your car...after a month if you dont like your ex-70's you could always give them to me
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what mods?

I tried the tape over the holes but then there was no bass and the treble was still weak.

Ear phones just can't compare to a nice car stereo. I have a really nice one in my car, nice bass and good treble.

Then again, comparing my discman to my car stereo is no match. It's not really just the earphones to the speakers.
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Shoot, I'm starting to get into car stereos.... looking for an AUDIOPHILE setup...

all of the speakers are mostly made the same way (since 96, ALL of the car stereo companies have been copying each other in design), so, like, the only thing that really makes a difference in quality car stereo is how the speakers are positioned...and improving the acoustics of your car....and ALL of the CD players for cars, they're ALL equal in sound; all you buy in expensive ones is useless features....

Also, most of the time, it's best to play the rear speakers at VERY reduced volumes, so that your carefully placed front speakers don't get messed up, so you get good stereo imaging and soundstage..

and, of course, there are subwoofers.


For those, you need to figure out the right type/size of box to make for the subwoofer, so that the bass is tight...

But regardless, unless if you care an UNGODLY amount about sound quality in cars, and you spent HOURS testing where the speakers sound best, and maybe even customizing your car so that the speaker mount places them better, it's probably placebo and the "louder is better/you need to feel bass for it to be better/brighter is better" mindset kicking in...

That, or you aren't putting the EX70's in your ears right.

Oh, by the way, try listening to something with a lot of MIDRANGE in your car stereo....heheheheh.....

most car stereos have, like, no midrange....
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Ear phones just can't compare to a nice car stereo.
You forgot to add "... to me" and "cheap earphones"

Cars are the *worst* acoustic environment you can get. Tons of noise (external and internal), awful reflections and blockages. NO soundstand, no imaging -- just bass and treble coming from everywhere. You have to spend LOTS of money to get a really good car stereo, and then lots more to acoustically treat your car to block out some of the noise.

You're probably quite used to the sound of your car stereo, and like it a lot -- which is cool. But compared to that, an inexpensive and unique (and not great, IMO) headphone like the EX70, which has a very distinctive sound, is going to sound much different. I'm not surprised that you don't like them, to be honest.

On the other hand, no car stereo can compare to a good set of headphones.
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Hey, melancholypunk, care to share with us all/some of your audio-related equipment/purchases?

It's not in your profile, so I don't know if you've heard any good sound yet....

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Please, take care of your ears!

I get concerned when I hear people cranking up their car stereos to jet exhaust volume levels (I am not accusing you, but it is very common practice around here). The hearing dammage is permanent. Stacking a satisfying dynamic range on top of an already high noise floor can coax you into some surprising sound levels. Please be careful. That way you can still be arguing (ahem, sorry) discussing the best LASER-excited fusion tweeter performance 30 years from now.

Sorry, end of lecture.

I have built quite a few car systems, and have added subwoofers to everything but my refrigerator over the past 25 years (and it is next!). The trades between car stereos and headphones is similar to the home speaker/headphone tradeoff. The noise floor detracts from both, with one exception...

Etymotics are my favorite listen when in a vehicle (especially a noisey one). Unfortunately I don't feel right driving with them in (can you say liability?). Besides, I can't hear the radar detector...

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Hey! Greg! Where do I put the speakers in my '92 Honda Accord?

I'm thinking of putting them angled where that left foot rest is (and the opposite on the right side), but, you know, I kinda need a foot rest there.

Um, any suggestions?
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Alright I think I've confused some of you so let me explain.

I know some of you are "audiophiles" or whatnot, but I'm not too much into that (Sure I want the best sounding music I can get, but I've never gotten expensive speakers or subwoofers).

I think I like the car because there is nothing in my ear and there are set ups for the bass, treble, mid, balance. There are no extra speakers or subwoofers in the car, its just a regular car stereo (standard in the Solera) its a fairly nice car.

I know the kind of person you were talking about, with subs in their car that are so loud the car vibrates, that stuff drives me crazy.

I listen to punk music so I dont know what I need and to be honest I dont really understand what everything means. I know what bass and treble are but i dont really undrestand mid-range and stuff. I know HEADPHONES are better than speakers because they are closed around your ear, but I dont think there are many EARPHONES that are better than speakers.

Like when the car windows are up its a nice little booth for music.

I dont really know what im talking about So dont make fun of me for it. I think I just have to get used to the earphones again. I used to use them every day and then I switched to car (which i use every day) so im just not used to it.
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melancholypunk, I hope I didn't give the impression that I was making fun of you -- not at all I was simply trying to say (perhaps not very well) that you're probably very used to your car's sound, so an inexpensive in-ear phone like the EX70 will sound *much* different to you, and you probably won't like it.
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I guess I have to force myself to get used to it since I'll be using the earphones every day. These were the best inyour ear styles I could find and it cost me $100. If I were rich I would keep looking around, but since I'm not, I'm stuck with them.
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