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Cardas HD-600 Cable: Loose Connectors

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hi. i just received my Cardas replacements for the Hd-600, and the plugs are much smaller than the gold plugs that aare on the original cable. I can plug them in and out like phono plugs... is that the way it's supposed to be? The originals have to be stuffed into place.... it seems the only thing holding in the Cardas are the springs in the jacks of the headphones.

please let me know... otherwise i might have to return mine.

You can directly email me too.

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You can do a search of this forum for the long answer.

The short answer is that you have to send your HD600 back for repair under warranty. Call up Sennheiser USA and tell them about your problem, and they should fix it for you. Good luck.
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Originally posted by DanG
The short answer is that you have to send your HD600 back for repair under warranty
I'm not sure what this has to do with his complaint about the Cardas plugs being too narrow for the HD600 plug sockets. The stock plugs fit snugly into the HD600 because they are wider than the Cardas. The narrower Cardas plugs tend to move around in the sockets.

Is this what you mean Orpheus?

We discussed a solution recently where one could insert Blu-Tac or toothpick ends to fill the excess gap and make the plugs more secure. I stuffed thin pieces of cork in, which still allows some flexibility and takes some strain off where the cable joins the plug.
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Beagle, the plugs are not too thin. The stock cable relies on a backup "stuffing" connection which Orpheus noted, where the termination has a thick plastic surrounding which forces the cable to stay in place. This is not the case with the Cardas cable. However, the plugs on the Cardas cable are perfectly suitable, as long as there's nothing wrong with the connectors inside the earcups.

I should know -- I had the same problem, sent the headphones and the Cardas to Sennheiser USA, and they fixed the problem free of charge. The technician told me he had replaced the internal contacts. I haven't had a problem since and never had to rely on a makeshift solution.
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from what I remember some people have had this problem and some people haven't, my cord arrived this week and seemed to fit just about the same as the original stock cable... maybe try exchanging for another and see if that helps or call headroom direct and ask for their opinion...
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thanks guys...

DanG, so you're saying that the cable is fine right? i'm sure there's nothing wrong with my heaphones... but as for the plugs on the cardas... as i have said, the plastic surrounds are much smaller than the original cables, and thus do not fit snuggly in the socket of the headphones. they wiggle around, and if you tug, they will come right out, not like the originals where you have to stuff them in and kinda wiggle them out.

i actually bought these cables used, and so i didn't see if there were any instructions that came with the cable... all i got was the cable itself.

also, i should note, some parts of the plastic were scuffed up, probably cause the previous owner thought what i thought, that he would need to push these things in. so, he might have forced them in a little too far.......... but again, i think the question is, does the plastic surrounding of the plugs make contact with the walls of the receptacles of the headphone?

welp, thanks for the replies....

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Headroom can't help you and as I said, it's a problem with the headphone. You have to get the internal contacts replaced in your headphone or else use a home-brewed solution.
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I don't think that it's an issue of whether you did anything to your headphone -- most likely, Sennheiser's regular cable is prone to causing damage to the internal connectors as it's not something that you'd normally think would get damaged. I had pretty much the exact same problem as you except that my problem was only in one earpiece. There is no reason for the Cardas connectors to be too small as I doubt they were hand-crafted individually. Just call Sennheiser and ask how much it'll cost if you no longer have the original receipt (warranty is transferrable, in case you didn't know).
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but the contacts are fine, i believe. i mean... the two prongs on the connectors are kinda like mini phono plugs each one. they have an indentation that kinda holds them in the jacks. it's just that the original cables are even sturdier cause the plastic also holds them in place.

i mean, i don't even know if there's anything wrong at all. maybe the cardas connectors are supposed to be like that. it's not like the plugs would just fall out when i'm handling the headphones... they stay in place pretty good, even though they do wiggle around.

but it seems that there are people with the same "prblem" as me, so perhaps it's not really a problem... just the way it's suppposed to be.

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hey guys,

i just called cardas, and they said that the cable's supposed to be like that... the prongs are the only things holding in the cable. the plastic does not actually touch the headphone, so the plug can wiggle around, but the contact with the pins in the receptacle should be constant.

though you would want to know.

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