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Mini to mini

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Does it make a difference in what mini to mini interconnect I use to connect my portable to an amp? Is it really worth spending $20 plus s/h to get one from Headroom than to just go out to the store and get one for a few bucks?
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I have tested a few mini-mini cables I had around the house and some were definitely more prone to RFI/EMI noise. I even dissected some...there can definitely be big differences.

I picked out a cable that would work for portable situation(flexible enough, not too long), and had good shielding.

My JMT CHA47 works wonders in testing cables among other things...hook it up to a source with no input, max the volume (the JMT amp is utterly hissless). I can literally wrap my hand around the mini-mini cables and HEAR EMI/RFI noise easily on poorly shielded cables.

I had like 5 different mini-mini cables, 3 weren't well shielded but 2 were. On the otherhand 1 of them that was well shielded was a cheap radioshack.

But I don't use the radioshack because I found a much thinner cable that worked just as well if not better...and it had a few printed specs on it that I popped into google and actually found the specs and build of it on the internet.
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Tim, that link doesn't work for me. In fact, when I go to the home page of that website, it still doesn't work after the ridiculous intro.
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Hmm, nevermind, it's probably a MAC problem (ugh)... I'll try again when I get home.
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Thanks to Videoshielded's recommendation, I ended up calling Markertek, and am using a Markertek custom-built mini-to-mini interconnect made up of Canare L-4E6S Star Quad cable and Canare F-12 connectors. Great cable, but the mini plugs are not right angle which might bother some. They are also very well shielded. Neil and Jack use them too, and I'm sure they'd attest to the improvement over the crappy cables we were using prior to the Markertek ones.
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how much did those cost, jude?

What were you using before?
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They were like $13 or $14 per. And I was using crap mni-to-minis found around the office before them.
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Is there any good cable that has right-angle connectors? Right now I'm using a crappy cable with straight connectors so even without right-angles it'd be an improvement, but straight connectors don't let me use my MD recorder's leather case (which provides a firm yet soft, warm, and refined sound).
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There are 90 degree adapters at RS...but they aren't gold plated that I've seen. But you can use something like ProGold if you worry about oxidation.

I agree, it is hard to find 90 degree mini-mini cables that are any good. So I just stick with a decent straight cable with some adapters for convenience sake.

The best solution would be DIY DBSE cable with the appropriate 90 degree connection however.
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Now that I know that it does make a difference, can you guys give me some more info, like what the good cables are, how much they cost, and where to get them? Thanks.
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Is that Monster one any good? I think the Straightwire is a rip-off - I mean, $25 for a mini-to-mini!
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Originally posted by coolvij
Is that Monster one any good? I think the Straightwire is a rip-off - I mean, $25 for a mini-to-mini!

I don't think it's a rip-off if it sounds good (I've not heard it, so I can't say one way or the other). Besides that, you ever see a mini-to-mini plug before it's installed? They don't look easy to work with. Also, I don't know of a Monster brand mini-to-mini (not to say that there isn't one, just that I've never seen or read of it), and I believe the Straightwire mini-to-mini is $20, not $25.
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jude - would you say ANYTHING is a rip-off if it sounds good/better?

Seriously, though, I think headroom is taking a cut for themselves, understandably. I do think that $25 is steep for a cable, without shipping...I guess I'll just get that Monster looks, the Monster cable AND the Straightwire cable are almost identical (read: UGLY).

Meh, what the heck - I think I'll just get the Straightwire; rip off or not, I want headroom to like me when they come to Chicago (hint.....Hint...HInt....HINt...HINT!!!)
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Are you talking RCA-RCA-mini or mini-mini?
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