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Newbie needs help on interconnects

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I have purchased a sony DVP-NS500V DVD/SACD player which has received overhwelmingly positive reviews at head-fi. I am looking forward to hearing it.

My question is, what kind of interconnects do I need in order to connect this player to the airhead? The airhead's input requires an 1/8" tip.

Thank you in advance for responding to this question.
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i know headroom sells at least one brand of RCA<-->mini cable. (or you could buy a mini<--> RCA adapter, but i don't know if that would mess with your sound quality...) if i was you, i'd call headroom to ask what they recommend, or try searching the forums if you haven't already. good luck
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Thanks, I'm looking forward to hearing this player in action in a few days. I'll probably stop in at headroom (I live in their hometown) and pick up a cable from them. They were quite surprised when I walked in and bought some beyers and an airhead from them. . . .
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