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From my experience, 30 wpc seems to somehow be a sweet spot, but there's no reason why 8 watts wouldn't do just fine depending on variables already mentioned in this thread.

Getting enough power for the drivers to show their speed and control is a must IMHO, but don't forget that synergy is still VERY important. I've heard the K-1000s out of a 30 watt tube amp with RCA black plate tubes in triode mode which I would have thought to be a match made in heaven, and they sounded very thin and bright.

So, give them power, but don't assume that just any matching amp will make them sing.
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Amp A is also spec'd at 500mW into the 32 ohm RS1 in the L gain setting. This works out to 125mA.

From my experience, the K1000 can sound incredible with a 8W 300B SET amplifier. As others have mentioned, it's all about finding that right synergy.
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Yeah but the low gain drops the voltage to the point there wouldn't be enough. It just isn't strong enough. Plus on low gain with the low output impedance the power would drop as the load impedance got higher. I don't know exactly how much there would be because its 3 ohms instead of 0 ohm but 0 ohms on my shanling halved the power every time load impedance was doubled. By the time that amp gets to 120 ohm on the low gain setting there is probably only 150-200mw.
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True, with the RS1 on L gain, 500mW = 4Vrms output. With 120 ohm load, that's 133mW.
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Can an M^3 drive them?
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Originally Posted by West726 View Post
Busted. No fair figuring out which amp it is from the specs. I'm trying to decide whether I'd get a better sound out of the ZD or something cheap like the Winsome Mouse or the Big Joe. I love the ZD with everything else; I'd just like to have a feel for things before I drop the $ on a K1000. So now that I've spelled it out, further thoughts?
You can always use the Zana as a preamp into a power amp for the K-1000. I think it was Boomana who loved the Zana into a First Wass F1 driving the K-1000. I've had good experiences using the Zana into the MV52. Though I'd recommend finding a fleawatt amp using DHTs. The 2A3 is wonderful with the K-1000, and I've heard good things about the 300B with the K-1000.
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