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META42 EL2001 Buffer Amp, any replacements?

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Looking for a suitable buffer amplifier that can replace the EL2001/2002 for the META42 design.

Do you know of any from the major manufacturers (AD, TI, National, Harris, Maxim, Philips, etc.)?

elantec has discontinued the production of these, and I am usually able to get free samples from the above companies.

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I think you can use the opa634's in place of the el2001/02's. tangent has el2001/02's for sale, reasonable, too. Of course, he dosen't do 'free samples'.
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how about 2008/2009s?

hmm, are they discountinued too?
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Several alternatives for the Elantecs are available, If the Amp is to be battery powered then the BB BUF-634 is what i would use in the Low Bias Mode this is most importent if your using ( volt batteries, The BUF-634 sounds Better as the Bias current is raised thay also sound Better In Parr. Regardless of the Bias If the unit is going to be a home Amp THE HA-5002 is alotbetter sounding but lacks output short circuit Protection so Inserting or removing the Headphone Plug while Music is playing will Damage the 5002.
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Take a look at Tangent's order page. There, he has the Elantec EL2001 and EL2002 buffers for sale. On that page, you will also find the small, C4 Wima caps for the META42...


IMHO, Tangent's prices are very good. There's no overcharging.

ppl: I sent you an e-mail. Check your email box!
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Originally posted by andrzejpw
how about 2008/2009s? :veryevil
I was fortunate to get the last two-el2008's from geom_tol.
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The EL2001/2002 are not discontinued until mid December. Tangent still has them for sale. The Intersil HA5002 is a possible replacement, for future reference.
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Thanks everyone. I cannot find a single replacement buffer with the same pin configuration as the Elantec. Oh well, I guess I will be using my own PCB.
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