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Will I benefit from a power cord? - Page 2

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my two cents...

Based on my experience (I have low level VD ), I'd say that if you have grungy electricity or pick up interference on your stock cords, you might get a big benefit. Without these problems, the benefit will be minimal.
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Expensive cords would not be of benefit to me. I use just ONE outlet for all my systems, to minimize ground loops and such.
My total system wattage is about 1200 watts.

First thing into the outlet is a Brickwall Surge Suppressor.
Then plugged into that is a 2400w LC2400 Tripplite Power Conditioner/Regulator. Then audio and video are split up with a large surge suppressor, and the audio is fed with a 10' heavy duty extention, to two surge suppressor strips.

So a 3-5' expensive cord makes no sense in my system.

What I should do is get a heavier extention for that 10' length.

But I assume most of my units have good power supplies, so I am not too worried about that stuff.

Of course you could put your power amp directly into a wall outlet with an expensive cord. YOur choice. But when a surge or brownout zaps your amp, you had better hope the technician replaces your expensive parts with equivenlent quality parts. Chances are, your blown out $5 capacitor will get a fifty cent replacement, and the sound degradation will be more than the improvement of the expensive power cord.

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