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DCM-370 or DCD-1520

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I know the DCM-370 has the Bur-Brown 20bit DAC's, HDCD Decoding, MultiBit D/A Converters and all but how is the DCD-1520? I'm not sure how old it is (really like to know); when it was introduced, but I heard it was quite a nice player in it's day (whenever that was?). I know that Denon's build quality these days is not what it used to be but if the DCM-370 sounds better than the older single player DCD-1520 I think I'd go for it. The DCM-370 I see goes for around $300, and I think the DCD-1520 in it's day was quite a bit more expensive. But then again there are all those problems that people mention with the DCM-370, and the older DCD-1520 might be less sounding with it's age (I'm guessing no HDCD support or as good processor as the DCM-370) - Please help me consider.
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The DCM-370 is a very popular entry level CDP...but have you considered the Sony DVP-NS500V or some of NAD's CDPs?

The Sony is a capable of SACD and DVD (video) playback. It's redbook preformance is also very good (though some say the DCM-370 is better). It is being discontinued so it can be had at a very cheap price (<$200). Its SACD quality is exceptional, esp at this price.

NAD's CDPs are better at redbook CD playback (and are also quite popular). Unfortunately, their prices start at $300. http://www.yawaaudio.com has some very good prices.
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