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I got mine when they dropped the price to $499 and thought it was a bargain. At this price it's impossible to resist, especially if you already have a decent speaker amp. Heck, if you don't like, you can probably pond it off for the amount you paid for them.
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I got my AKG K1000 from HeadRoom during their sale this past April, and I used it at first with a pair of ASL Wave monoblocks. I loved the sound, and immediately stopped using the Sennheiser HD600 and Grado SR325s that I previously used. Since then I've considerably upgraded my system; i.e., I now use an ASL AQ-1005DT amplifier, which I equipped with super high quality tubes, and a Marantz SA8260 SACD player. The sound of the K1000 is even more fabulous now, and it's the only headphone that I use in my main system. For added base I sometimes use a nearby powered subwoofer, although it really seems unnecessary because I get lots of base from the K1000. All in all, I highly recommed the K1000, because it's absolutely wonderful.
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My K1000's arrived today as suspected.

I'd also be interested in knowing what you are using to power them.
At the moment I am testing them with a pro amp I moved in from my shelf system rated at 125 per ch @ 8 ohms. I am currently using a MOH as a preamp.

Tomorrow I am picking up a Parasound Zamp to try out.

I will feed it from the preouts of the MOH, Wheatfield Audio HA-1 and Mapletree Audio Design via a HeadRoom line level switcher.

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Thanks for this post, I guess.
It made me spend more Hifi money, but I think it will be worth it. I could not pass up that deal for a pair of 1000's.
I am a headphone newbie, and just signed up to say thank you.
Guess I will be visiting this site now, as I start playing with my new headphones.
Also thought you guys might be interested in this, if you have not already seen it


There is also a review of the 1000 at this site, but this article talks about changing the cable, and amplification for the 1000.

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Has anyone tried the Stefan AudioArt cable w. Cardas Rhodium spades for the AKG K-1000s? If so, what are the improvements? The cable sells for $179.

I received my K-1000s yesterday. After a brief couple of hours with them (and with a very moderate amp driving them, the NAD L40 receiver), I can say that they are magic.
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Thanks to randytsuchs post I Ordered the nOah SE9 intergraded amp for the akg1000 I recieved yesterday from headroom. And
also will end up ordering stephen art cable as well. I will write a
review once I recieve it all.Cick on link in randytsuch post for review of both.
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Perforated donkey swizzle-sticks, I'm tapped financially for the next two weeks. Any chance the sale will still be on in Mid-September?
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Originally posted by Hirsch
I got in rather quickly. My impressions are in the DC meet thread in the general forum. Right now they're powered by an Adcom GFA-535 amp, with Melos SHA-1 as preamp.
Hi Hirsch:

I also have an Adcom 535 amp, and would like to know more about how one wires a 60+ watt amp to drive headphones (even if they are "earspeakers".

Forgive me, because I know almost nothing about the relationship between current and impedence, but I would have assumed that the Adcom would toast these little jewels.

Please help!!!
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You simply hook the cables up the way you would a speaker cable, and keep volume at sane levels. The extra power the amp can dish out may never be used, but it won't hurt anything. The volume levels you would need to put the K-1000 at risk would also put your hearing at risk.
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How do I get in on this deal? I've been to Headroom and their catalog still lists them for the higher price.
Also, I've heard these arent great for rock. I listen to a lot of things, but that includes some rock.
What amps are all of you uisng with the headphones? Thanks.
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You might want to check the mall-fi forum on this site. By the way: I'm about to see the 40s film Nightfall with a friend. Walter Reade Theater, 5-ish. Must run pronto.
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The offer is posted in the Headroom Forum. You'll need to call Headroom and speak to Todd or Mike. You cannot place an order for the Head-Fi price over the web.

The K-1000 does just fine with rock, actually If you want that little extra bit of kick, at least one Head-Fi member uses an external subwoofer with these. (Come to think of it, I've actually got a spare sub sitting in my closet I never got around to selling, it would work nicely... )
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I've been listening to these from a 40W solid state integrated, and apart from the fact that they are VERY uncomfortable, I've really been enjoying the sound!

Soundstage is amazing, and detail and midrange are very sweet. Bass is lacking, as others have said. Unless your listening environment is VERY quiet, you'll miss out on a good bit of the K1000 benefits.

My K1000 epiphany: I've never heard sax sound so realistic on headphones (or all but the most expensive speaker-based systems I've ever heard, for that matter) as I did tonight on the K1000. Specifically, the SACD of Kind of Blue has two versions of Flamenco Sketches, both of which have excellent sax work. I was trying to get some work done, but I was so stunned I had to stop everything and just sit back and listen.
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Originally posted by MacDEF
Bass is lacking, as others have said.
I haven't said it. I think bass on the K-1000 is fine, and I'm rather critical of bass reponse on headphones. OTOH, my amp has 60 watts, with high-current capability, as opposed to your amp's 40. Perhaps you're underpowering them????
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Originally posted by Hirsch

I haven't said it. I think bass on the K-1000 is fine, and I'm rather critical of bass reponse on headphones. OTOH, my amp has 60 watts, with high-current capability, as opposed to your amp's 40. Perhaps you're underpowering them????
I haven't said it, either. I've listened through a (modest) 20-25 watts, playing the new Stones SACDs (the cowbell on "Honky Tonk Woman" has never sounded clearer; I also never realized the impact that the brass has, either) as well as Beethoven's early string quartets, and the bass does not lack impact. BTW, the soundstage and imaging have to be heard to be believed. I'm hoping that my Marantz 2238b receiver shows up this week to improve things even more.
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