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Who's getting in on the K1000 sale?

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I didn't see any references to it on this forum, but I wandered into the Headroom forum and found that they are selling the AKG K1000 for $359 to head-fiers. I was wondering who else was getting them.

I've decided to take the plunge based on my own sense of my listening preferences and what has been written about these headphones (uh, I mean earspeakers). I'm also taking this opportunity to take the tube plunge and have ordered a pair of the ASL Wave monoblocks.

So who else is getting these in the sale? Anyone received them yet? Post any reactions you have here. I'd also be interested in knowing what you are using to power them.

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I got in rather quickly. My impressions are in the DC meet thread in the general forum. Right now they're powered by an Adcom GFA-535 amp, with Melos SHA-1 as preamp.
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I used the K1000s with ASL Wave 8s and it was great! You're going to love it. Sold them to Tuberoller and I'm still waiting for the new transformers with 120 ohm secondarys so I can use them again with my new amp.
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I'd love to get in on the action but unfortunately don't have an amp powerful enough to use them!!
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Just ordered a pair,price to good to pass up.Got the headfi discount.
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Wish I had the $$. I think I have the perfect amp for these babys. It's a Menthor Integra Hybrid. Tube front end, SS back end (I think around 30 watts per channel). It is currently driving my Klipsch KSF 8.5s and makes them sing better than any amp I have ever tried with them. The tube front end really takes the harshness out of the horns and the SS back end provides enough juice for the bass. i think this amp would be amazing with the K1000s. Anyone want to loan me a pair?

Heres a pic of the amp, i just wish it had a headphone jack!

cheers 2
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<drool> So sexy. . .

I'm sorry to crap on everyone's party, but I wasn't impressed by them. Yes, they had great imaging, but other than that. . .
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I heard these at the D.C. meet and thought they were just awesome. These were my favorite-sounding phones, bar none. They sound sooooo airy and spacious and real, it's just a beautiful sound. But I could never afford them.
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Originally posted by 2 channel
Heres a pic of the amp

cheers 2
That's one gorgeous amp, 2. Shucks... I sure wish you hadn't shown that to me...

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My Perspective on the K1000

The K1000s are certainly unlike any other headphones. I am glad I had the chance to listen to them at the recent DC/MD/VA meeting. Think of them as the headphone equivalent of the recumbent bicycle.

The good: Well you know, the openness and the wide sound stage. Very good dynamics with the proper amplification (sounded great when connected to a 25 watt/channel Fisher tube-powered receiver). Although they felt a bit heavy on my head, and the sensation of wearing them was a bit unusual, I was able to wear these with my glasses and they did not interfere with the frames of the eyeglasses at all.

The not so good: They feel a bit heavy. These headphones press against your head, just behind your temples and in front of and slightly above your ears. I imagine that I would get used to the feeling of wearing these phones after a while.

The bad: These phone offer absolutely no isolation from ambient noise in your listening room. Room air conditioners, heating/air conditioning air handlers, refrigerators can all be playing a competing symphony while you are trying to enjoy listening to music through the K1000s, and sometimes the softer passages get drowned out by these outside sounds. Of course, you can always turn up the volume, but then hearing damage is always a possibility.

Just my two cents, but I found the outside noises very distracting. If your listening room is quiet, really quiet, then I would say you will really enjoy the K1000 Earspeaker listening experience. During the same listening session, a short while later, I slipped on a pair of the Beyerdynamic 770 headphones that reminded me that sometimes a little isolation can be a good thing. I sometimes wish my HD-600s had some more sound isolation too, but with the K1000s, you hear everything damn sound in the listening room environment, whether you want to or not. My next pair of headphones might just be of the sealed variety.
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It is an absurdly good deal. The only reason that I haven't order them is that I already have a set. They are still my favorite headphones of any that I have ever listened to (including the orpheus). The resolution and detail are jaw dropping phenomenal. Very dynamic too. Only drawback is rolloff in the deep bass. Apply subwoofer as needed!

Just don't look in the mirror!

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After hearing them last Saturday, I will definitely be getting a pair. They are unlike any other headphone I have ever heard, and I mean that in a good way. I didn't believe in the concept of "soundstage" WRT headphones before these. And I've heard the R10.
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My pair will be here this afternoon. I ordered from HeadRoom yesterday.

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My pair arrives on Friday. Today I picked up a Marantz 2238b receiver (circa 77-79) to drive them. Can't wait.
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Just when I was content with my iPod/KSC-35, Creek with upgraded power supply and HD600's with STOCK cables. I did listen to these cans at WOH Boston and they did impress.
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