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Modern bands that sound like "classic rock?" - Page 5

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x3 for tame impala! Half glass full of wine and sundown syndrome definatley worth a listen imo
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Admirals! they are all about Modern Classical Rock, infact they still listen to Kiss themselves.. and the Beatles it's like a mix.. They are really good :) There first Album is coming out this summer I hope you Enjoy ^^

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The Brew?

Seen them live - they kick major butts. :)

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Two bands I can recommend are "The Answer" who have a definite early 70s hard blues rock sound like Free & Led Zep.

They were the sole support act for AC/DCs Black Ice tour which is how I first heard them. They have 3 great albums called Rise,

Everyday Demons and Revival which has a song featuring the singer lynn jackaman from the band "Saint Jude"

They only one album out called Diary Of A Soul Fiend but they have gotten the official thumbs up from

both Lemmy and Jimmy Page.


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Fleet Foxes


Blitzen Trapper
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This. Like a psychadelic Black Sabbath.


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My buds in The Pilgrim from Baltimore, this is a promo video they put up for their kickstarter to get their album out, I can't find any other videos of them, which is odd, but this gives you some sampling of their sound:




Then there's my other buds from Philly (I really like pushing my friends bands), Serpent Throne, all instrumental motorcycle riff rock, this is my favorite song of theirs:




Then there's this band, also from Philly, Pearls and Brass, really good stuff, super tight rhythm section:



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I've seen the "Black Keys" come up several times (good call), also "The Black Crowes" although they aren't currently touring.  Most of Chris Robinson's solos stuff has a similar feel.  "The Black Crowes" was one of the few bands in the 90's me and my dad agreed on :)

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Muse, final answer.

Well, actually, they don't so much "sound like" classic rock as approach and even (forgive me) possibly surpass the sound of classic rock. They're one of my favorite bands of all time, along with Queen, Boston, Floyd, Zep, The Who, et. al. Check out Panic Station for a funkier feel, Madness for a more Queen-like sound, Supremacy for James Bond-worthy badassery, Stockholm Syndrome for some serious metal. They're all over the map--and all of it is fantastic.

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This is a very simple answer- Rival Sons



Dirty Streets

Buffalo Killers

Radio Moscow


Virgil & The Accelerators

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I will add a few more- Mad Shadow, Gyspy Bangles, Vegabonds, Monster Truck, The Jag, Howlin Rain, Heavy Heavy Hearts, The Muggs, The Flying Eyes, The Temperance Movement,

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Great thread

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Wow...this is a long dormant thread
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