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My beloved SR-80s are dying

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By dying, I should say that the sound frequently ceases to come out of the left can. By wiggling the connector around, it will come back momentarily. It's not a problem with the source connector, because i've tried it on multiple sources with the same behavior.

If I seat the miniplug firmly, and hold it there with my left hand, and with my right hand gently wiggle the cord going to the headphones, it seems to short out the sound as mentioned.

I called Grado labs and they want to charge me $30 to repair them. I paid $99 two years ago for these headphones. Is it worth it in your opinion to pay money to have them repaired? They don't seem like the sturdiest headphones to begin with. I really like them though, just am weary of this $30 charge for whatever reason.
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Honestly, if $30 will restore them to their former glory, then I think it is well worth it. If I were you, I would send them back for repair!
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Thanks. I'll do that!
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sell it on eBay
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If you know an electrician they might be able to fix them for you. Probably just need to trim the cable and re-attatch it.
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Send it to a DIYer on headfi. I dont have my tools with me at the moment (i'm at school), or else i'd volunteer my skills.

All you need (most likely) is a new 3.5mm plug. They can range anywhere from $1 to 6 (for most of the ones you'd be dealing with).

The labor probably wouldn't cost more than $10.

I'd put up a WTB services ad up in the source/cables and/or headphones. You could go all out and just recable the phones, which might make you even happier
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