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Sorry guys, but to me this is not a milestone of Red Rose design, but rather a slightly altered PC mini tower case.
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I agree.


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yeah, seems like a case of two companies using the same enclosure.

that said, my bro's old P90 looks just like his much newer K6 Athalon whatever. so, there.

do i have 100 posts yet?
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damnit! where's # 100?? here it is...

holy crap! you guys are right! notice also how the rose at red rose's website covers up where the logo for the other company is. hmm... one wonders. Hey if any of you get this amp, scratch off the red rose sticker and see if there's another logo underneath it. i think Mr. Levinson is going to have some interesting main in his box very soon...
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I have heard a lot of Mark Levinson's products over the years. I could never come up with the mult-thousands needed to buy them, but if I had the money, Levinson would be the first place I would look. If this headphone amp sounds anything like those products I heard I think we are in for a treat. To be truthful, I think Levinson amps have a similar character to the Headroom Max. Now if Krell made a headphone amp we would probably be getting something very similar to the Sudgen Headmaster.
As for the Wheatfield, I think this is a company that could be making a similar mistake that Hales did. No matter how good your products are, it doesn't matter unless people know about them. I don't think they need to mass produced like Bose, but a little more agressive advertising wouldn't hurt.
I tried quite a few amps before I ended up with the HA2. In my opinion this is the best amp I have ever heard. I don't think this amp is as mushy as it's reputation is. I find it to be very detailed, and dynamic, but isn't so over analytical that you can't enjoy the music. It also opened up the soundstage of my HD600s, and made them sound more like speakers. I really believe in this amp. If I did not, I would of returned it like the others.
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Hehehe...RedRose Rosette 1 intergrated amp for $1500 and..
Korsun U2 intergrated amp at www.audiooasis for ???????
Hey something is fishy here.
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Oops. Did I mention in my previous post that the RedRose Rosette
1 and the Korsun U2 look...identical?
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They sure are!!!!

If it's the case, we shall discover one of the most disgusting gouging to us music enthusiastics. Remember Korsun sells for $150 in China, 1/10th of the price of ML.
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solid-state vs. tubes

Don't mean to derail the current conversation here, but...

Being a tube man, myself, I have to admit a certain lack of interest in a solid-state amp...unless it had choke regulation, such as the Musical Fidelity A3CR...but even then, not at US$1500 (US$150, and now you're talking).
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