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I'd go for the denon. God, I know it'll be so hard to go back to a single disc changer. . . in redbook, the denon and sony are pretty much neck and neck. Now, http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showth...+and+headphone

as listed above, here's a mod I did on mine. Took about 10 minutes and no soldering at all. Just unhooking the headphone jack. WOW. The player is just so great now, competes VERY well with more expensive players. . .
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Originally posted by TimSchirmer
bah!! SACD so few titles!!!!
Not to start another SACD discussion, but at the last CES, Sony and Universal stated that they are going to fade out CDs in favor of SACDs... First it will be hybrid, then no CD and SACD only. I'd be prepared.

Also, SACD titles sound so magically musical. It's worth it.
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Personally, I figure that I'll keep the denon around for another 2 or 3 years, until I get to college, etc. By then, I hope SACD will gain a better foothold, and the battle with DVD-A will be over. I'm not counting DVD-A out, but, I mean, Sony. . .
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What about the Sony CDP-CA70ES?

Does anyone have any opinions about this one compared to the Denon 370 or even the Sony NS500?
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What about the Cambridge Audio D500SE? My buddy has one, and I really like it for a "one box solution" CD player. The model 300 would leave you with enough extra $$ to buy a decent solid state headphone amp.

As for headphone amps, I haven't heard the META42, but a lot of folks seem to like it around here. The headroom little is also a good value in a stock amp, although it's a bit warm for my taste. One alternative might be getting a good used cd player (I love my ADCOM 575...it's a tank), and taking the little bit of extra $$ and getting something like a Musical Fidelity X-Cans V2 or ASL MG Head headphone amp. Nice way to introduce yourself to tubes.

Of course, you could also go with a used DAC (oh...opening a can of worms...)

Good luck....
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If you're looking into using Grados or lower impedence cans, consider the MAD Ear 4 and Ear+ too as they are supposed to be good for the money. I cannot personally recommend the Ear 4 or Ear+ as I've never heard them, but Nick D. and a few others at the Dallas meet thought this was excellent with Grados. Just a heads up; this comment might or might not be that relevant depending on the headphone used, etc.
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Re: Re: Re: Okay, carousel is fine...

Originally posted by BenG
How could this player sound better than a CE-775 (which uses a linear ps & is without video circuitry) ?
Hi Ben,

Where did you get the info that the CE-775 uses a linear psu? I've read some reviews on the CE775, and they all have been positive.
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Well, from reading all of the fuss on Audio Asylum when the 775 came out (seems like ages ago), I first heard about this. Moders have atleast implied this, too. Here's an example: http://home1.gte.net/res0f2t3/NS500V.htm

I ended up getting the 775, but I hear conflicting views, here and elesewhere (the people on AA seem to generally like anything that is SACD) , on which player is better for standard CD & SACD. I was thinking about selling the player, since the 500 additionally plays audio DVDs (DAD), if the 500 might sound better with CDs & SACDs. But i still have my doubts. I'm looking for the most neutral sound on the cheap.
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