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We've recently had a rash of attempted and successful scams perpetrated by the same person who's been re-registering under different names. Those who have been ripped off by this low-life didn't take the time to investigate the seller, not even getting a verifiable phone number or address. They don't even know what city the guy's from.

It's unfortunate that scum like this exist, but they do, so if you intend to buy something of any great value from a member .... especially a brand new member .... it would be prudent to at the very least get a phone number, speak to them in person, get proven references, and if possible pay by credit card through paypal so you at least have some sort of protection.

While it would add 2 or 3 days to the transaction, a good method to verify a name and address would be to snail mail something to the name/address provided by the seller and ask them to identify something from that snail mail via PM or email once they've received the letter....then, if you're satisfied, proceed with the transaction. It's not 100% foolproof, but it would weed out the majority of these low-lifes. A non-scammer should understand your concerns and be willing to go through this procedure. If not, take a pass. And keep their information on file at least until the transaction is 100% complete.

It's up to you to act prudently and to protect yourself. Don't send off money to someone, especially someone you know nothing about, without having some sort of verified identification from them.

Please report any suspicious For Sale forum activity to the moderating staff immediately.

Thank you.

PS: Be very cautious of any non-For Sale thread posts where someone says something like: "I'm thinking of selling my XXXX . How much do you think I can get for it?" This can often be bait designed to get people to quickly respond via email or PM hoping to be the first to scoop an item before it officially goes up for sale. A scammer can sell the same item many times over to different people this way, without any public posting to tip everyone off.
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I'm putting this post here from another thread, as it's relevant:



Originally Posted by mbriant View Post

The matter is still being looked into, but it appears there might be a scammer attempting to prey on members who have posted "WTB" ads. At least one member has possibly been robbed of a considerable amount of money by this person and several others have been "offered" the specific item they "WTB"....from a relatively new member who has zero feedback.

AGAIN - Make sure you know who you're dealing with before you send some stranger money or equipment. Check for feedback. Know how long they've been a member. If the amount of money or product is considerable (you be the judge of how much you're potentially willing to have stolen from you) get the person's full name, address and phone number ... phone and speak with them and confirm that the information is legitimate. Match their name, and phone number, and address through the various internet 411 services to prove they are legitimate.

I'm not going to post the suspected scammer's name until they've had a chance to respond to my questions, but at this moment things don't look good so I'm posting this warning. The member in question only joined in January and approached several WTB ads with offers to sell since that time .... several were on the same day, which is often a tell-tale sign they are looking to make a quick score then disappear.

If you suspect you've been defrauded, please contact a moderator asap with details.

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Bumping this, as in the vast majority of serious issues I get PM'ed about (when someone pays for something but it doesn't arrive), the buyer sent the money through PayPal as a GIFT to try and save on fees, leaving them NO recourse.




The other major issue is, people send gear using regular mail and not Express or something with a tracking number. Then, WHEN the postman steals it (sorry, but the postal services are full of thieves in many countries), again, there is NO recourse. 




Buying, say, a pair of headphones from someone sending the money as a gift, then having that person send the 'phones via regular mail, there is a very high chance of them not arriving! You are not saving money in that case, but throwing it away!


Likewise, sellers, ALWAYS KEEP A COPY OF YOUR MAIL RECEIPT! Until the headphones arrive safe and sound, it is ALL the evidence you have that they were sent.  If you have used Express and not regular mail, you'll also have a tracking number on a slip.


Doing trades properly, including taking care to pack gear securely, means that the buyer ends up happy, the seller ends up happy and there are no problems. Being lazy and trying to be cheap means unhappy buyers, unhappy sellers and and unhappy Head-Fi staff when we are asked to deal with the fallout.

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