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Who here has Cambridge Audio D500 SE ?

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I am about THISSSSSSSSSSSS close to order the system. I read some reviews but I would like some actual user feedback here.

for the price of 399 ( AA)

good bang for the buck ? I am already in an internal war here between d500se and denon dcm-370. But 5 discs carousel is not a big plus to me. ( altho Hdcd is nice) and I have a feeling that the 5 disc try will ahve bigger chance of breaking down on me than the regular 1 cd tray.

The CdP will be pair up with MF xcanv2 and HD600.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi, Tides, have you considered NAD541? I was in a similar situation as you about 2 months ago, I was considering 5000SE and NAD 541 and ended up with 541, so far I am happy with it. (Fortunately, haven't got the problems that someone experienced, I believe it's Jude who reported his bad experience with 541 on Headwize)
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Get the DENON!!!
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Joseph, thanks for the suggestion, I will look into it.

Vertige_1, You are not being helpful lol. ( Vertigo and I already had lengthy discussion on the Denon, but still not getting anywhere yet heh

My problem with Denon is the lack of Optical out which I look for on my yet to be determine CDP. ( for my portable MD recording)

the internal struggle contines..

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I would still take the Denon, even with the lack of the optical output. Why? Because you can buy it, get all of its features, and then follow up by getting this:

at www.minidisc.com for $70 and still end up paying less then what that Cambridge costs. A new Denon with shipping would cost around $260, throw in that converter for $330. With the Denon in town, that Cambridge player just isn't a very good bang for the buck, no matter what way you look at it. And the 5 disc carousel is definitely a strength, not a hindrance. The last 5 disc CDP I used was a Magnavox and the speed of that tray was a plain nightmare, which scared me away from the Denon at first. But boy is the Denon's tray astoundingly fast. It also jumps from track to track and disc to disc astoundingly fast as well, at least from what I've tried before.

Final thing that amazed me...the Denon actually has a volume control on its remote. This I didn't know until it arrived, and I sure was surprised about it, considering it seems to be a feature only very expensive CDPs have, and it certainly seems to be one the Cambridge lacks. It's also capable of showing track time remaining, yet another thing the Cambridge lacks I believe. There are just many, many things the Denon has, that it just SHOULDN'T have, at it's price!!!

It's really a no brainer in the end. GET THE DENON ALREADY!!!
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Vertigo_1 ~~

I know what you mean ... we had the lengthy discussion on icq anout denon for days

I read in other thread ( your 370 thread) that someone is hacing problem with the loud output with the portable MD palyer recording. That problem will still exist even with the above convertor right ?

Do you know if the quality loss is significant with convertor like that ? pretty cheap @70.

My current Panasonic CD player has volume control and whole 9 yards of functions all on remote, but it's D-A conversion is 16 bit linear. Which is why I want to upgrade it. Have had it for few years now.

The sun is coming up behind me ( 5:22 am)

Most online sites that sells the denon370 for about 280is with shipping for me. ( believe it or not, most online stores with great denon prices are ALL IN NY, which means I am force to pay 8.25% on tax ! then with shipping, we talking about almost 300 there.

Today I will check out a few local HIFI store and see if there are any deals on the 370. If I can find one at 250 or so then I prob will be Denon drone by tonight.

Or I will see if I can find a better online deal on 370 from out of state venders.

You guys are denon borgs, trying to assimiliate me into another Denon borg, and it looks like I be one in no time ....

Resistance is Futile huh ?

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Ok, forget that !

I just found a store here in NY on the web that has the denon at a very good price. Total cost was 231.30 dollars shipped + Ny tax.

So I ordered it ... what have I done ?!

Hopefully they will ship soon ( site says 1~3 days) According to UPS. From that store's zipcode to mine, it takes less than 6 hours. Which means if they ship it in the morning, I receive it that afternoon ( with regular residental ground shipping).

Hope all will be great like I have read and been told about this Dcm370. If not .... Heads will roll.. first one will be Vertigo_1's !

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I personally like the build quality and the sound of the Cambridge better than the Denon. If you add an outboard dac then I also like it as a transport much better as well.
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Great choice! Don't worry about your purchase, you WILL be happy.

You remember Vertigo - he always was bugged about his source by people like me. He finally bought the Denon and look at him now! He loves it!

You really don't realize the convienence of the 5 disc changer until you actually use it. I use the player far more than my old Meridian simply because it holds 5 CDs at once and I dont have to walk over and switch them all the time.

The Denon is a phenominal player. Anyhow, I would fear the Cambridge is too bright (I've heard this from many people).
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Carousel players usually have the worst transports, the 500se seems to be the best bang for your buck as far as cd players go, just make sure you have a great amp for it.
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oops (I only read the 1st post, that won't happen again),
it seems like you have already made up your mind
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Since you already ordered the Denon, my opinion is pointless, nevertheless here it is.
In my speaker based system, I have both my girlfriends (JVC) changer and my old Technics single disc CDP, and I almost never use the changer. The exception is when we have people comming over and we just need some background music for a long time without the need to change the disc often. So, for me personally 5 disc changer offers very little convinience over a single disc CDP.
i can't comment on the sound since I haven't heard the Denon and only briefly auditioned the Cambridge player, but there are some very good machines in the 400 USD class nowadays from Marantz (I'm a happy owner of one) NAD, Cambridge Audio and Sony.
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argh why is it always like this lol

I get like little inputs here before I buy it , with Vertigo on my back saying Denon Denon Denon..

then I found a deal and got it, now I get different views ....

But I welcome any inputs, because I have 7 days to return this item for refund if that is what I want to do.

all the quality and sounds issues aside, I love that silver edition of 500se.. really had my heart set on it.

I will see how this Denon goes. THe ironic thing here is I actually spent LESS than I planned to on my CDP decision ! Usually I always ended up spending MORE than I plan to on just about every purchase electronic wise lol..

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I would wait a few months for the Sony Multi channel SDCD player for £350.
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all the quality and sounds issues aside, I love that silver edition of 500se.. really had my heart set on it.
Who cares about the looks. It's all about the sound. That look is tempting, but in the end my brain said to take the Denon, and I haven't looked back yet!
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