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Sorry to disappoint, but I'm done with e-bay.......the prices are absolutely absurd, so you'll never see me bidding there. As for the AKG-K1000s, I've toyed with the idea of getting a pair, but I can't get past how ridiculous they look. The only headphones I'm seriously looking at (and would buy them if I could find them) are the HP-2s, HP-3s, SR-200s, SR-300s, and the Sony MDR-F1, which is readily available. Denons, Beyers, JVC, Philips.......not interested........................................ ...........for now.
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Do you mind if ask why you're interested in the F-1s? I've heard they are quite bad sounding....
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I realize the sound quality has been pretty much panned here, but there are three reasons I'm close to purchasing them:
1. They look great, IMO. Good reason, huh?
2. They are extremely comfortable.
3. They are supposed to provide a different listening experience because of their rotating drivers...........supposedly more "out-of-head."
I've given up searching for "better" sound..........at any given moment, I would consider the pair I'm wearing as "the best."
So variety is what I'm really after now. I even put on my speakers yesterday, which is a rarity since discovering headphones, and they sounded great.
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supposedly more "out-of-head."
just to point out, if you want an out-of-head sound, look for jecklin floats, Ergos, AKG-1000. Koss A/200, and electrostatics... Even good sennheisers are more out of head/have better soundstage...

F1's actually sound closed in (due to lack of treble extension), even though they're totally open...

but one cool mod would be buying HD-580 drivers from Sennheiser, and mounting them in there... i bet that would sound amazing...

don't say we didn't warn you
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Joe should go for it...it'll be interesting review.

I for one would like to see how his finding may contrast with M Rael's. I personally think a Grado lover would not like the F-1 which is lightweight in sound. M Rael is selling his only pair of vintage SR-325's with old pads...joe buys duplicate SR-325s...no I don't think there will be a difference in their findings at all.
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thomas: Don't you find that a lot of those phones that make a great out-of-head soundstage lack bass solidity and dynamics. I find this is the case with the HD600 and some Stax I used to own, especially electrostats. Midrange is very open and uncluttered but having the drivers away from your ears cuts the bass response, resulting in a laid back sound, possibly?
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I find this is the case with the HD600
Beagle: after having owned several different amps, I can say quite confidently that any perceived "laid-backness" in bass response on the HD600s is due to lack of power. After listening to the HD600s on a Max, I will never again say that they lack in bass...
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From the several times I've listened to the HD 600 or HD 580 (it must have been 4 or 5 good listening sessions), I felt the bass response was very deep, if not good. That is, the 600 has more extension than the Grado, for instance, but the bass isn't as tight or punchy. What gives the 600 its laid-back sound, I believe, is its lack of treble extension or "energy" as some would call it (usually derogatively). That is what I like about Grados (at least the RS-2 and the MS Pro, the two that I know the best) -- they have really exciting and active treble.
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I dunno.....I've never seen Vertigo and joelongwood duke it out..then again, what headphone have neither of them heard......I know! AKG K1000 - an auction solely between the two......THAT would be fun.
Unfortunately, I have no intention of getting the K1000s either. Because for one thing, I've already heard the K501s, and from K1000 reviews, they're apparently quite similar in that they both have a lightweight sound...which is probably a AKG trademark. And for another...why bother when I'm already listening to the best dynamic headphone in the world?
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damn......for entertainment! of course...

MacDEF: I was kidding about the "free" thing...I'll take them for $1 more than whatever sapphiremodena will give ya j/k

I actually don't want them....I've got an amp, and I think I may be able to nab some Grado SR80s for ONLY $50!
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Beagle. i don't think i can make any generalizations on frquency response, other than that all headphones with excellent soundstages and sound out of head have very detailed and accurate upper treble response. Of the headphones i mentioned, the Sennheisers have the most laid back treble, and possibly the weakest soundstage of the group. (but they are way better than most other headphone's i've heard)

I feel that those frequencies are the ones that we use to locate objects, so it would make sense that headphones which reproduce them accurately would accurately convey the position on instruments. i think the best soundstage is one where the instruments are all positioned in front of the listener, with different instruments being different distances away.

In terms of bass resonse, i don't think there are any generalizations- I've heard reports of AKG 1000s having weak bass response, yet i've heard some electrostatics have excellent deep, extended bass... And the headphone with the best sounstage that i have personally heard is the Koss A/200 (you've all heard enough about it), and yet is base response is also much better (deaper, tigher, more impact, more detail)than my Senn HD600's.

And the midrange is also widely different, with AKG and Sennheisers having very warm and smooth midrange, and my koss's and what i've read about electrostatics seem to have recessed colder midranges...

BTW, has anyone heard the ergo's/jecklin floats? i've seen one comment by todd that they aren't that great, but other reviews claim that they have an amazing soundstage...
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I had A/200's...since than I'd have to say the AKG501 definitely has a much wider soundstage without being trebly. But it is exaggerrated IMO, and I wouldn't say it projects forward more than just wide.

I think the A/200's are actually more like my Beyers...but I think Beyers are more refined and actually have midrange to provide a better balance.
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This is what I think you should do...

You have 8 choices:

1- Give them a treatment with armor all and give them to that lovely person that has caugth your eye.
2- Save them for your kids.
3- Have a raffle (is that really a word?). Have people send you a buck for a chance to get them and use a ramdom number, like the last four digits of a major lotto, and give them to the guy or gal with that number or the closest one! That should be complicated, I know, but it's going to be fun for sure and people would have to risk only a buck and a stamp.
4- Send them to Saphire, but have him pay shipping
5- Send them to Coolvije, but have him pay shipping
6- Send them to me for free, so I can give them to my wife and show her why this cans seem to be growing from my head without having to sweat out a dollar.
7- Go to eBay
8- Go to Headwize and sell them there.
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Hey - you forgot one, Onix.

9. Send them to coolvij, for 35 bux, FREE SHIPPING!!!
10. 9 don't work sapphire, cuz he lives in canada....hahahaha
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The SR60s can't compete with the HD600s for *any* kind of music.

If you truly feel this way, then sell em. Turn in your Team Grado badge and weapon as you leave.

I won't bother arguing for or against... There's no room for nostalgia... or should I say, there's no time.

You won't remember how good/bad your last relationship was until you're in your next one. That spot in-between is either a slut's paradise or you're one lonely bastard... and you can't go back, either way. So if you don't use em anymore, say goodbye and move on.
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