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Convince me to keep my Grados...

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Hehe, if that didn't get Team Grado to view this thread, nothing will

Here's the deal: my SR-60s are my oldest pair of "good" headphones. They've been with me for years, through several moves, many portables, and several home systems. They've even survived a cat attack -- our cat thought "Grado" mean "cable for chewing" (I sent them to Grado last year and got brand new cables put on them). Obviously I've gotten my $69.00 worth out of them.

Problem is that I haven't listened to them in over a month. For absolute sound quality they can't hold a candle to my "main" cans (HD600s). For computer/game use, I tend to use my V6/7506s due to the closed design and better directional cues. For portable use I much prefer my KSC-35s or MX-500s -- the 35s give the SR60s a run for the money in sound quality, plus they're small and light.

I still firmly believe that the SR60s are the best "overall" headphones under $100. They don't do any one thing better than anything else, but taken as a whole you can't beat them for $70. But I've now sufficiently specialized such that for all the things the SR60s are good at, I have another set of cans that do each thing better (sound, portability, gaming, comfort, etc.) -- my poor SR60s just don't "fit" anywhere any more.

So I'm thinking about either selling them or giving them to a "potential audiophile" friend or relative. Can anyone convince me to keep them? Or should I get rid of them, and sometime in the future try out one of the better Grado models? I've got this nostalgic side that really wants to keep them, but I can't seem to justify it...
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I'd say sell it. If you're not using then sell it. I had alot of problem parting with my MSII's too. They were my babies but I felt that I need the money more. I wasn't listening to it much then. I hope the guy in Aussie is enjoying it.
BTW if you like the grado SR60's design you will definately love the 325's and higher models. Their built quality is much better.

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I've been through this feeling a lot myself...multiple headphones, all good...but there is definitely certain ones I go back to more than others. After awhile, the ones that don't get used as much start literally taking up closet space...and off they go to the market. I get this feeling with MD players as well.

I say, sell em.
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Keep 'em............you can never have too many headphones! If you part with them, there's gonna come a time when you're listening to a particular song and you'll say to yourself, "Mmmmmm, this would sound GREAT on my SR-60s, but I don't have those anymore because I wasn't willing to spare the little extra space they took up in my home, even though they had been very good to me for all those years." You don't want that to happen, do you?
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Definitely keep them. You cannot just get rid of something so classic like an SR60, the model that put affordable great sounding headphones on the map. They are like an old friend, or a pet. You cannot just dump them. I mean, for $69, even if you don't use them, hang them on the wall on display, something to show your great grandchildren.
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keep em!

I'm with beagle and joelongwood. I think owning them is worth whatever you would end up selling them for (40/50 bucks or whatever).

- pearle
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I say give them to me for free.
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I second that.
Give them to an aspiring audiophile, like a relative... or coolvij

But honestly, I don't think that selling or keeping will make that much of a difference.
But if you could save another duh!-m-bass and lure him/her to the
bright side of the force...
That would make a difference in the cosmic balance.


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All this sentimental stuff seems silly to me, and yet I find that even though I'm often thinking of upgrading my portable headphones from the E888 to the ER-4S, I don't want to give up the 888. They were my first pair of headphones that really sounded good -- they changed me from being a dum-bass long before I even knew there were headphones costing more than the $60 I spent. And they look so pretty, I would just feel bad selling them for $20, which is probably the most I'd get. So I'm keeping my $60 headphones -- shouldn't you keep yours?
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I was almost in the same situation as you MacDEF.
After purchasing higher end phones I just didn't use the SR60s much anymore. It was a tough decisioin, but finally I sold them. I am one of those people that don't like to have too may things that are not used.
Well I still have more than one pair of phones but I've left only cans that I actually use.
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"Mmmmmm, this would sound GREAT on my SR-60s, but I don't have those anymore because I wasn't willing to spare the little extra space they took up in my home, even though they had
been very good to me for all those years."
- joelongwood

ROFL! He won't EVER say that if he gave them to me

Instead, he'll say - "This song would sound soooo great on my old SR-60s; but I know that I don't deserve them; in fact, I am glad I gave them to coolvij for free, without even charging shippin. He's such a nice young man....."

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Also keep in mind that in a review in a 1994 The Absolute Sound issue, the reviewer preferred the sound of the SR60 over the HP-1. That pair of SR60 had the old smaller donut pads that came with the first issue SR60.
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beagle: forget what TAS says. Ask joelongwood which Grado HE prefers (SR60 or HP-1). I trust him more than TAS from 1994...

I mean - COME ON!! The SR60 isn't THAT good.....I hope....or maybe it is....in which case......you know what to do
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I don't have the SR-60..........but I think I'm gonna have to pick up a pair now!
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The SR-60 was like my first true love. Of course, getting rid of my first true love was made easier by dating her older sister (SR-125). But it wasn't a difficult parting because I knew she's still in production, still popular, and I can get her new for only a little more than the price I got for her.

Oh man, that's sexist. So I'm bitter.
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