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2K can buy you a Rega Jupiter

Good point. The Rega Jupiter is supposed to be an AMAZING player. I've heard several reviewers and even manufacturers of other equipment say that it's simply the best CD system (player or transport/DAC) you can get for under $2,000.
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A combination I currently have and love is an Acurus ACD-11 as transport and a beefed up MSB Link III. The ACD-11 makes a fantastic transport and the MSB Link III is a giant killer.
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bootman: I was certainly not suggesting that squirt get a PCDP and use it as a transport, lol. I wasn't sure if that's how you interpreted my speculation. That's all it was - a window shopper's speculation....
I thought about that after I posted.

But my main point was that the transport/DAC combo can have some flaws over a CDP under a certain price point. While 2k is not pocket change, I still believe it is easier to get better sound at this price point with a hi-end CDP than with a transport/DAC combo.
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Coolvij: Portables are absolutely no good as transports and they are no good in general. Even a component CDP that costs the same as a portable is much better.

ai0tron: The Njoe Tjoeb uses the cheap transportsystem from a $200 marantz CDP. Also I think the tubes are in after the digital out so what a waste that would be for use as a transport!
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Are you ever going to use your transport w/o an external DAC to actually play CDs in the future? If not, what about a Pioneer DV343 for a transport? Yes it's a DVD player, but it has an excellent, sturdy transport that is used as Dan Wright's reference. He also offers mods just for the transport part. And this would give you much more money to spend on the DAC.
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Straight off the upscale audio website:

The 4000 base unit still shares the Philips VAM -1201 transport, which is one of the things that sets us apart. This is the same workhorse used in $5000 and up CD players from other manufacturers. Not "kind of the same". The same. Because it uses a Digital Servo Drive it tracks CD's like a BMW M3 at Laguna Seca, and has very fast track to track access. And in addition to playing CDs it plays record-able CD-Rs and CD-RWs.

Anyway, the njoe tjoeb is AN EXCELLENT transport!!! AND as a BONUS it ahs tube output JUST IN CASE you want to know what tube output sounds like!!!!
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The base 4000 unit is in reference to the Marantz CD-4000 which is what its built upon. The Marantz CD-6000 OSE is cheaper than the hot-rodded 4000. Philips transports are good, but that doesn't mean they're exactly expensive or hard to obtain for a manufacturer. To say that they are used in $3000-5000 players says more about those expensive players than it does for the Njoe Tjoeb.

The Njoe Tjoeb is probably a great stand alone CD player, but if you know without a doubt that you want an outboard DAC, than you are paying a bit more for what you aren't going to use (analog tube output of Njoe Tjoeb).

I like the huge amount of caps the hot-rodded unit uses. I never knew there was so much room to work with in those CD players...or maybe its just that Marantz.
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Folks, thanks for all your help. i really appreciate it...i've been doing further reading into the option of going with separate transports and DACs and it still seems like a good option though being how good CDP's are these days its still likely i will go with a higher end player to start as suggested here and then decide if i want to use it as a transport any time thereafter. High on my list are the Rega Jupiter and Phillips SADC-1000 both in the 2K range. Which opens up another dilemma i'm still stuck on...CD or SACD (so far i'm not considering DVD-Audio). Of course the SACD player has the advantage of being used with both CDs or SACD (or DVD videos) so it seems the better option as far as versatility is concerned even if the SACD format fizzles out but i sure do like the Jupiter even though the top loading system is going to cause problems for my particular set up.

Decisions decisions decisions...
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Decisions decisions decisions...
Rega Jupiter or a Phillips SADC-1000?

I hope I have decisions like that to make!

My vote is on the Jupiter.

Good luck.
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I think the Rega Jupiter would likely be far better for redbook than the Philips, which has had a cool reception. If you're looking in the sub-$2000 range and want SACD, you should consider the Marantz SA-14. The SA-1 flagship model received rave reviews and was thought to sound better than the Sony SCD-1 flagship model; the SA-14 has a new DAC chip which supposedly is even better than the SA-1. The SA-14 only plays stereo SACDs, though, so if that's a concern, consider the SA-12. I think the SA-12 is above $2000, though.
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What happens when you put a multi channel sacd in a stereo sacd player?
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Dunno, but I would hope the 2-channel SACD player would be smart enough to down-mix the SACD into 2 channels...
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Actually, all multi-channel SACDs have a stereo track as well, so no down-mixing is needed. Down mixing always degrades quality, but you don't have to worry about that with a stereo-only SACD player.
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DanG, i'm very interested in the Marantz SA-14. Do you know about how much it sells for and also do you know of any online places that may have it? I have no interest in multi channel so the SA-14 would be fine...
Thank you, squirt
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I think the suggested retail price is $2800 for the SA-14, but a quick google search turned up a few sites with prices under $2000
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