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Headphone Stand/Rack

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is there such a thing as a headphone stand? does anyone make a rack or something made especially for headphones?--i'm starting to build up a collection of headphones, and it would be nice if someone found a aesthetic and fucntional way to organize all of them, that doesn't cost an unreasonably large amount of money.

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Search here and at Headwize, I've seen a thread with pictures showing many members solutions to this problem. Personally, I went and bought and old wooden hatrack, refurbished it, and its standing next to my listening chair, cans hanging on the pegs.
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found one

hey.... found the perfect rack. at office depot, they have this "coat rack, black" (sku #406-691)... it is solid wood, has 3/4" diameter pegs, and looks elegant. best of all, the trunk comes in three pieces, so i only used 2 of the pieces so that the pegs all stand at head level while i'm siting.

it's cheap too: $40. pick up $10 worth of junk too, so you can use the $20 coupon (it expires on the 8th I believe)... so you get all the stuff for $30.

the coupon can be found at:


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