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Originally Posted by Jahn
LOL oh yeah Outsiders. C'mon, doesn't Outriders sound better? I have to admit, I got tempted to buy those Jim Lee batman books, but I think I'll just read my friend's copies (if he lets me take them out of the taped baggies)
Jim Lee is such a good artist on books like Batman, and his cities are wonderful (possibly due to the fact he's a trained architect?... nah). So many current ideas have come from the Hush arcs, curious how many people that originally read them expected it. I think Judd Winnick and Jim Lee could be an excellent pairing to write some Batman books.

Ellis seems to be either hit or miss with most people, I enjoy Planetary (the earlier parts more than the more recent), but not really Frequency. As far as hero books I follow the writers around except on a few books that I stay through writer switch overs (unless they're just horrid). Like Brubaker is taking over on Daredevil, so I'll start reading that. Though I'll still say that Darwyn Cooke's DC: New Frontier is perhaps one of the best super hero stories ever written.

Oh, you also might pick up Powers, I only buy it in trades rather than getting single issues, but it's basically about 2 detectives in a world of super heroes, and all of their detective work revolves around super hero crimes and such. Gotham Central is also very very good, basically it's Gotham City PD (Batman), and deals with their end of the stick in the world of Batman.
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yeah, i still have the Alpha Flight (51?) that Jim Lee's dad gave me when I told him I liked comic books when I was just a wee kid. His dad and my dad meet every year at alumni outings, so i remember his dad telling mine that he was a bit sad that his kid didn't end up being a doctor like him, but oh well, here's a comic book kid.

i bet his folks are cool with it now. and I still have that alpha flight. Go, Purple Girl!
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I've always been moderately familiar with Marvel and DC at least but I just recently found a source for pretty much most of the popular comic books and graphic novels that I'd want to read... so I decided to catch up a bit on what's been happening in the DC and Marvel Universes. "Catch Up" meaning, I'll finally start to be able to follow what's going on.

So far I've already finished:

Identity Crisis - Thoroughly enjoyed every part of it!

House of M - Epic story and generally enjoyable as well. I love stories that deal with alternate realities and the like. I also read most of the tie-ins. Good stuff.

Secret War - The story was good, but god... the art! Gabriele Dell'Otto's art is mindblowing.

Avengers Disassembled - Read this as a foundation for House of M and it was okay, but mostly I found it to be 'meh.'


Right now I'm debating whether to continue of with the Decimation storyline of Marvel or to go back and continue where I left off with DC.

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Haven't read these stuff for a while. Last I remembered, I've been slowly working my way through Hellblazer.

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In the last couple years, I think the Green Lantern / Green Lantern Corps series have been outstanding. Not so sure with the latest Brightest Day story arc though.

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Funny I was gonna start a new thread about comic books to ask..can any body recommend a good series to get into? The only series i've ever really got into was Walking Dead. Other than that i'm lost when it comes to comic books.

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^ Well, Sandman is a pretty standard recommendation and it does deserve all the praise it gets. Watchmen too. There are also a lot of great Batman stories such as The Dark Knight Returns, The Killing Joke, Hush, Arkham Asylum, The Long Halloween etc etc etc. Other than that, you could browse through these and take your pick, which is what I did:


List of events of the Marvel Universe

List of events of the DC Universe


I decided to start with Identity Crisis for DC and Avengers Disassembled for Marvel. I'm working myself through both to get to the current storylines in both universes.



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I liked Identity Crisis (in fact, it was great), but Final Crisis was a bloody mess. Too involved and complicated - I've been reading comics casually for over 30 years and I didn't know what the hell was going on. Too many references to minor characters and incidents in my opinion made it a turn off. I feel the Green Lantern re-boot (up till now) is much more accessible and fun to read.

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Yeah Identity Crisis was just made of so much WIN. I liked how the more popular characters were used in a supporting role and the relatively lesser-known heroes and villains shined. It made me like The Green Arrow so much more; and Deathstroke is a total badass. Even the subplots worked perfectly and the story just clicked on so many levels. One of my favorites.

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well it looks like I'm gunna bring this back from the dead.....


i love comic books/graphic novels! i read alot of them but i dont really read or follow any of dc or marvel tho.

instead of listing the previous books iv read recently il just list the ones I'm reading now


i just got serenity rose by aaron in the mail about 2 days ago (man i love this guys work!) and am also getting johnny the homicidal maniac in the mail too.

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A long while ago, when i was collecting comic books, a store owner recommended me Jim Lee's work. After a week later, he said Jim Lee has a sister and her name is Jade Lee. He said she does a very good work as well. A week later he said Jade Lee is not his sister.
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I've always preferred collecting individual issues than TPBs or graphic novels. Just something satisfying about a stack of individually bagged and boarded issues makes me happy. :bigsmile_face: 


Working my way through a huge stack of Spawn at present... a friend was having a clear out so I offered to buy his collection. Love McFarlane's artwork primarily; the writing is only so-so compared with the likes of Gaiman and Moore. The story's a good one though.

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