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#'s gone and more cars to come!


EDIT: and yes it is a TT.
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lucky guy.

My friend had a 300Z TT also. Accelerated like no bodies business. His 3 series with stiffened suspension took corners a hell of a lot faster, but the Z just smoked it on a straight.

Never had the chance to ride in a supra yet.

Don't have pics of my car, but it's a 1991 Integra GS. Nothing too special, but it's my baby. Has a great sounding engine.
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My Beetle GLS 1.8T. A Katrina survivor. Got it in the year 2000, a friend of mine labelled it a "Y2K bug" . Here it is under some very unusual snow in New Orleans (Xmas'04) :
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1975 Buick Skylark, 85k original miles

Was bought this car right before I started college about three years ago and am learning that it is nearly irreplaceable being that the insurance is 26 dollars a month. Even with poor gas mileage, at my current rate of consumption, just over a tank a week, the price would have to leap to over eight dollars to justify leasing another car (take your pick at the 25 to 30k limits for maximum efficiency and reliability for the money) at about 550 a month for payments plus insurance. And no one in their in right mind is going to give me ten thousand for this car so that I may make a decent down, so this car is going to be my driver or secondary forever despite the small 260 cubic inch V8 (can't get much out of an engine that size without computers) and lack of modern safety features along with having to restore a lot of the guts that have recently worn out.

These two are a bit fuzzy cause it was getting dark and the shutter speed on the camera reduced to compensate.

I still think it looks better than most "good looking" new cars on the road, especially for having bluebooks of about 800 bucks.

On a side note, I learned how to drive in a '70 Chevelle convertible, so this car felt right at home for me; more so than the '99 Cadillac El Dorado (POS, trust me) that I sold.
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Nothing really all that special...

01.5 Audi S4

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Nothing special, but with gas prices the way they are, I'm glad now that I bought it back in 2002:

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I like it.
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alpine dvd navi/head unit with pioneer speakers and some random 8" woofer from factory..will probably replace amps and speakers

i, for one, pray that petrol prices raise
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Although the other cars are very nice, here is the best!!!
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current car: 2004 Honda Civic LX 4-door ----BORING

HOPEFUL FUTURE CAR: WHAT LS20 HAS! (btw, that is an SI right?) drool.......
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Originally Posted by JimmyDean

I like it.
Must be one fun car to drive around with that supercharger.
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2005 John Cooper Works MINI Cooper S. My little Go-Kart.

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2006 Camry LE...

Enjoying it immensely...

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Here's Wilma:

Currently engineless as she dropped all her oil one morning and welded a conrod to the crank. Oops.
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