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Pelican (the band) appreciation

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The song "Mammoth" by Pelican came up on random play and I'm in the perfect mood for the thousand pound heavy riffs this bands produces.
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I have the 'March Into The Sea EP' and the 20-minute version of that song just blows me away every time!
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Have to say that my favorite album of theirs at the moment is The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw. Just a fantastic album overall, though Aurora Borealis is great.
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I love both Australasia and March Into The Sea. I haven't heard their latest one yet, apparently not as good.
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I have everything by Pelican. In some ways, the original EP (on which "Mammoth" appears) is best. Heaviest, anyway. The new album is quite good. A bit more of a "post-rock" element. "March Into the Sea" is one of the best tracks, and the long version on the EP is worth getting.

Isis has a similar sound, with some vocals. Panopticon and Oceanic are both good.

Definitely check out Jesu, Justin Broadrick's current project (i.e. after Godflesh).

Also don't miss the new Earth album: Hex, or Printing in the Infernal Method.
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I think both EPs are better than either full-length. I was actually pretty disappointed with Australasia. Really like this band but Isis is still tops for me in this little subgenre.
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i have everything by this band, australasia on vinyl is amazing, but no single track beats march into the sea, i love at 17 mins in with the flutes and singing, these guys are amazing (and i missed them play two weeks ago due to lack of fundage) definately an appreciated band.
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I just got Australasia in the mail today. I'm really liking Nightendday and surprisingly, Untitled.
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March into the sea is amazing
I like their acustic stuff as well for some reason
Loving their City of Echos album as well
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"Drought", off Australasia, is easily their best work, in my opinion.
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love em
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Also, to the OP, I approve of the use of The Grimmrobe Demos as a display picture. I have that album on vinyl (and the original CD and the Southern Lord rerelease), but I also have a spare record jacket lying around. I'm thinking of framing it.
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Which Album is the best for some one wanting to try Pelican?
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Originally Posted by Kikuji View Post
Which Album is the best for some one wanting to try Pelican?
well City of Echoes is their most recent full album..- probably a good start to pelican music - since it's less hard than some of other albums. My favorate is Australasia.
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Originally Posted by Kikuji View Post
Which Album is the best for some one wanting to try Pelican?
Australasia is easily their best full length.

I'd avoid City of Echoes until you hear their other stuff, so you can get a feel for what they were (and hopefully are still) about.
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