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Plextor UltraPlex 40max

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I purchased Plextor's UltraPlex 40max SCSI CD-Rom for use in my computer headphone system, but have found the drive to be extremely noisy. I can hear it clearly from down the hall, and am afraid that there is something wrong with my drive. It is probably the loudest drive I have ever used (and I've dealt with many CD-Rom drives). Does anyone have any experience with Plextor drives? Are they all this noisy?

Thanks in advance.
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I have a plex 32x scsi in my old computer -- it is certainly not the most quiet drive I've used.
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when is it noisy? When its reading a cd?
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my old 12x/4x/32x scsi plextor drive is still burning and reading perfectly. it seems perfectly quiet to me, did you get a refurbed model? from hypermicro maybe? this might be your problem..

mine's pretty quiet and i don't really hear it. although, i do have like 10 fans in my case..
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Plextor is a great brand. It is possible your drive is ailing. Plextor has great service, talk to them. Also check http://cdspeed2000.com/ and http://cdrinfo.com/ for detailed reviews on CD drives including noise ratings.
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Thanks to everyone who has provided advice.

I've tested the drive speed with "Nero CD Speed", and the results I got were quite different from that of the findings posted. Mine produces speeds that fluctuated around 17x. So I would guess that my drive is defective. Though, if I force the drive to run at 4x, it's almost completely silent (8x and 32x are also quiter than 40x, but still noisy).

Looks like my drive is defective...I guess i will try contacting Plextor, I got it brand new, so it shouldn't be a problem.
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its probably noisy because you have one of those desks with the wooden enclosure for the desktop box that reflects all the sound outward, and its probably slower becuase you're using win2k or XP and i swear that NT arch. is great for everything but hardware compatability...

but of course i'm a cynic...
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good luck with turning in your drive; i've heard that plextor has awesome tech support. i've been loving plextor ever since i got my burner three years ago (!) and never had a single problem with it, but now i just got the new yamaha 44x f1 scsi burner and damn is it suave.

plextor should start making scsi drives again. sellouts.
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Uhm, a mate of mine had trouble with his cd burner (12x IDE) and sent an email to plextor. They sent fedex to get it from his door, and two weeks later it came back on the door, as good as new! THAT'S customer service!
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