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Originally Posted by TigerBoo
I just ordered the UM2's from Earphonesolutions.com, and Flavio, for overnight delivery tomorrow. This was a tough decision, as I thought I would buy the E4C/G.

I will be upgrading my currect E3C's.
please post your impressions

im savin up for the UM2 or e4g so id like to hear your thoughts.
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I have some Shure E3c's but the bass is almost non-existent. I think the UM2's are a big improvement - they sound fantastic to me. Have never tried the E4c's though.
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Got my UM1's today. Only been listening for a few minutes, but so far they sound great and the isolation is excellent. I'm using the large Comply tips at the moment, but I'm still playing around with the tips.
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I've just gotten some UM-1s. I found the treble and mids to be slightly lacking, so I tried out the tri-flanges. This seems to fix the problem, but now I think some bass is gone. What's the biflange modification I keep reading about? Do I just cut off the bottom (large) flange? Will this add some bass?

Thanks a bunch!
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Originally Posted by Spiritboxer
Tomorrow is, let's whatcha got day! I'll be picking up a pair of custom tips for the UM2 around 3pm on W 30th St. Let's see how smart it was to stay local, figured it would be a lot easier to make corrections, if any, in person.
So how are the tips?.....
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TheBigDu: First of all, I find it desirable to cut off the stalk, so that the stem is flush with the biggest flange. This lets the UM1 fits better against your ear.

When you convert it to a biflange, you cut off the smallest flange.

At the moment, I'm finding that the UM1 out of iAudio U2 sounds great with most of my music, but it's not as engaging for what I am assuming is metal (Dream Theater and Sonata Arctica). I spent some time considering why this could be the case, but I finally decided that I just need to turn the volume up
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Hey K2Grey, are your um2's hissy with the u2. With my i5 they are and annoys the hell out of me on quite passages.
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I find that there is noise between tracks but I cannot really hear any hissing. But then again I don't think I have any music on my U2 with long stretches of extremely quiet sound so I can't be sure. I'm using UM1 btw.
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Originally Posted by K2Grey
When you convert it to a biflange, you cut off the smallest flange.
Cool. So what are the benefits other than less protrusion out of the ear?

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The triflange does not protrude out of the ear if you cut the stem off. Having the last flange on should not cause it to protrude any further out than if you didn't have it on; the last flange is not actually bumping up against anything, and I find it is the biggest flange which limits how far you can put it in.

The benefit is, from 5 seconds of trying out the biflange on my former pair of Ety ER-4P just before I wrapped them up to sell, is increased comfort. I have not converted the triflanges on my UM1 to biflanges since I only have one of them and it's not exactly a reversible process.
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Originally Posted by apnk
So how are the tips?.....
Still strugling with proper insertion, the moments when the seal is perfect have been few and of short duration so it's too soon to comment. Knowing the seal is *there* is a big help though, it's only a matter of time.
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another satisfied um1 user.

i bought some biflange's that are normally used for isolation ( g on planes). I removed the filters from the biflanges and put them on my um1's, it sounds great and it's more comfortable then triflanges.
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Well after cutting the triflanges to be biflanges, I can definitely say that the muddled mids and highs I was experiencing are gone. These things sound very good now. They're not quite as comfortable and definitely don't seal as well as the complys, but the sound enhancement is worth it.
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loving the um2

with shure super soft sleeves
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just if someone wonders...

straight out of the Zen Xtra (maybe a few will know) the Um2´s dont have ANY hiss and sound absolutly great (after Eq´ing)...

I think really the EQ changes more then any tips will...
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