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not the best picture, but u can see it does not stick out. i use the tri-flange modded to a bi-flange.

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Thanks for that picture, looks like a great low profile low cost IEM option. I may have to get myself a pair .
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I believe I've just been sold.


Any other pictures would be great too from anyone and everyone!
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It's official, I'll pick mine up in Feburary though.
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I have the ES2s, and if the UM2s sound nearly as good, I don't know why people don't get 'em! Much more musically satisfying then the Ety ER-4Ps I owned.
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Originally Posted by zachhensley
I believe I've just been sold.


Any other pictures would be great too from anyone and everyone!
Ask and ye shall recieve.

last two are with the large complys.
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Great pictures!

Do the tips affect the sound at all? I know the tips will affect isolation, but overall how do the tips affect the sound.
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I have been using them for more than 3 months and they absolutely rock. Experience with them were so much better than ER-6/ER-6i/Sony SA1K. I loved using them with Ipod Mini/Sik Ram Din/Hornet combo.
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I tried the the e4's before I bought the UM2's and thought they were not that great... the UM2's just make me feel like I want to dance down the street...
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I'm having the best success using the Shure tri-flange with stem trimmed to be flush with largest flange. I perceived better sound quality with this than with the Westone yellow foamies. I also perceived greater volume at the same level on my PDAP, probably because the seal with the foamies was lacking.
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Tomorrow is, let's whatcha got day! I'll be picking up a pair of custom tips for the UM2 around 3pm on W 30th St. Let's see how smart it was to stay local, figured it would be a lot easier to make corrections, if any, in person.
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I bought myself some UM1s for Christmas, to replace my lost ER6is, and I love them! Much better bass than the Etys, and I don't notice a lack of detail, either.

Thanks to Whorehay's photos, I just realised that I've been a bit timid about how far I've been inserting them - they're in much further now, and the isolation (with tryflanges) is awesome.

My one issue is that when I use them with my new 5G Ipod (christmas present) I have a noticeable hiss - even if it's on pause. Some searching around here found this:


where it's suggested that an inline volume attenuator is the fix - has anyone else tried this? I'm a little worried that there's a problem with the Ipod of UM1s, as I can't find much mention of this issue elsewhere.
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I really like my UM2's. Any opinions on whether they sound better amped or unamped?
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The UM2s sound very good unamped...
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I just ordered the UM2's from Earphonesolutions.com, and Flavio, for overnight delivery tomorrow. This was a tough decision, as I thought I would buy the E4C/G.

I will be upgrading my currect E3C's.
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