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Need help with sony NS500V & ac/line noise problems

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My ns500v seems to be generating hums and buzzes that can be heard through power lines. The dvd player has only a connection to the power outlet (no audio/video lines hooked up), and the same goes for my headphone amp and headphone. Whenever the player is in on or in standby mode, then a horrible buzzing sound is audible through my headphones and it's driving me insane. I've tried plugging my player into different sockets on my surge protector, directly into the wall outlet with the headphone amp also connected into the other outlet, but nothing seems to relieve the problems.

Does anyone else have this problem with the ns500v? Unfortunately, I noticed this buzzing a week back when I first got my unit, but did not attribute the problem to the dvd player and cut up my box for the stupid 5 free dvd rebate and now I can't have the machine exchanged.
If anyone has any ideas that I could try out, then please advise me on what to do. Thanks
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I'm a bit confused, i thought you said none of the wires are hooked up? Right now i'm picturing your setup as :

dvd player -- > wall

headphones ---> amp -- >wall

So both the headphones and dvd player generate a hum?
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The dvd->wall and headphone->amp->wall setup is currently what I have. It would be more complicated, but I've unplugged everything else in the process of tracking down the buzzes. Anyhow, the dvd player is not hooked up to the headphone amp, and the buzz dissapears as soon as I hit the power button on the player to turn it off.
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Sending in for a rebate means that you cannot return the unit for a refund. You can still exchange a defective unit for a working one, at most places. You can also get the unit unit serviced under the warranty, if anything is wrong with it. However, that's not necessarily the case.

The problem sounds like either RFI or a ground loop of some kind. First rule out the surge suppressor by plugging both player and amp directly into the same wall socket. Hook up the audio, as running the amp with an open input could be part of the problem. So, you would have:

Player-amp-headphone, with both player and amp hooked to same wall outlet. If no problem , the issue was the surge suppressor. If problem still occurs, rule out ground loop by floating the ground on your amp (use a three prong to two prong "cheater plug").

You might want to consider a power line conditioner, to filter RFI/EMI if none of this works.
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Thanks for the suggestions, I'll give them a try and cross my fingers in hope that something will work.
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