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damn! that's some hardcore speaker building timoteus!

the height of my voigt pipe is about 6'2" (i think... i forgot the exact number)

i'm beginning to think the voigt pipe design just isn't for me. maybe i'll try a horn next.
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Well, I finished the first speaker completely. Got the poly-fill today and some wool felt, and stuffed the sucker nicely. It sounds great! I might have overfilled it because the midrage sounds a little recessed, but I think that's because I'm used to them sounding honky. I'll give it some time and then change the stuffing if I want. Anyway, the bass is extending to at least 40Hz, possibly lower. The treble also seems plenty extended. I'll need to run some test tones to find out for sure how far it extends either way. I wish I had two, because I can't tell what the soundstaging is like yet; I'm hoping for the best in that regard as well though. I also wish I had some better electronics to hook them up to. But whatever, they sound fine off the old sony minisystem I'm using (which actually isn't too bad).

Ha! Take that chych!

(edited for stupidity)
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Take what!?

I use good HEADPHONES.....the MiniSystem is ONLY for dubbing to MD.

I mean, 10% THD!!!
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aw crap, I meant chych! sorry coolvij! Dammit, I was looking at your post and saw that little wizard, and said to myself "wait, that's not chych..."

you know, I've been making mistakes like that all over the place. I even deleted one of vert's posts accidentally! I think I need more sleep...
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I've built several subwoofers but nothing full range yet... probably will build yet another sub before I tackle anything else.. looking to use : http://www.blueprintdrivers.com/1803.html this time .
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why so many subs?
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Because I can.. haha j/k. They are simply a lot easier to make than a full range speaker.. it is just the cabinet and then the driver, no need to worry about a crossover or anything to mess with, even easier if building a tube sub. The practice with the woodworking and different finishes should come in handy when building something else, and as with anything audio, there are always upgrades. I won't be running all three of them at once if that is what you had though, although I am using two at the moment.
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timoteus, those speakers look out of this world! Not only are they speakers but standing sculptures. You do very good work.

Neruda, thanks for the plans. I've been searching on the internet for the voigt design and found a few places that have modifications on this design, in particular a wedge shape. I'm glad to hear that your one completed speaker sounds promising. I don't want to rush you but hurry up and build the second one! Review, review, review....
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Thanks artmusic247-

The speakers sound better than the canoe/kayak I built a number of years ago and don't leak nearly as much water.

Here's a few Voigt Pipe links if you haven't found them already:



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I used a pair of those Rat Shack 40-1354 drivers in a longstanding bottom-ported small-box design called the Hawaii 5.0. Bass response is amazingly good, easily down to 50Hz and even down to 40Hz with a little roll-off. Imaging and soundstaging are really quite good. But, the drivers took a long time to break in and put out this kind of sound.

I've been thinking about selling the Hawaii's and making a pair of Herb's voight pipes next, since I still have four of the drivers left. I've looked at Neruda's "Bigger is Better" design with great interest, but I don't think I'm up for tweaking it.

My biggest problem is that my brain is saturated with tube amp construction information, and there's no room for speaker design information. So, I have to stick to popularly-accepted designs.
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yeah, the wedge shape is called a folded voigt. the difference is that they're only half the height of the speaker I made. Basically, if mine were made like a standard voigt, it would be about 144" tall! And don't worry! the second speaker is due this weekend. I'll be sure to tell you everything I can about its sound; I downloaded some test tones and that'll help with the bass.

I just wish I had a decent system to hook it up to...my home system consists of an old Sony minisystem and cables from Zupan's Groceries. Someday I hope to have a nice $2,000 rig (yes, exactly $2,000), but that'll be a while. my review will have to be done with the sony.
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video, what're the dimensions for the hawaii 5.0? if you have a copy of the valve issue with the hawaii 5.0 would you be kind enough to send it to me?

i have the 1354 in my voigt pipe now, and there's no way in hell it's going down to 50hz. i built it according to herb's dimensions, but without the pressure screw and the wings (though i did try the wings). i'm not sure what the problem is, but it's really annoying me. dammit! i want my deep bass.

i'm thinking of just putting new drivers in the pipe (i have the rat shack 1271), and using the 1354's for the hawaii 5.0
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Cables from Zupans Groceries? lol! You're makin my ratshack gold series cables look mighty fine.
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Zupan's sells cables??? What aisle are the cables in? Housewares?
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I don't know, but I know that's where they came from. at least I'm pretty damn sure...
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