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Tweaks for the Denon 370?

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I've heard that unplugging the headphone out will improve sound in the denon 370. Any thoughts on this? Anyone actually do this?
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Well, I just performed it. I have to say, Denon users of the world, UNITE! This really improves the player a ton. The HF are much less fatiguing, and the mid range is more natural. Even my hi-fi hateing dad(yes, the one that's helping me build the meta) had to agree: this is a noticeable difference. In fact, I've gone to best buy, and I've listened to the ns500v. The denon 370 is better in redbook. That may also stem from the fact that the denon is more expensive, but hey.

For a simple mod, this made a great improvement.
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Just performed the mod myself and must say on initial comparisons I like what I'm hearing. It certainly seems like the low end became fuller. Curious, where did you hear about this mod? Will continue to do some comparisons and report back.
The mod is extremely simple:
* Remove top cover of 370
* With the front of the 370 facing you remove the small white connector plug from the right rear underside of the top printed circuit board. Just carefully wiggle the inner plug connector side to side and outward to get it to release. Do not pull on the wires going to the connector to do this!
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Here's how I did it:

All I did, was opened the player up. Then, look where the headphone plug is. You'll see the power switch, and below it, a small board. On the board you'll see some a white connector attached to the board. Just wiggle it out! I've heard of people simply cutting the wire, but not unless you want the headphone jack lost forever.
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Now that you have started down the path of CDP modding, you shall be doomed to it forever! MUHAHAHAH!

Seriously, though, your next step will be to replace the crap opamp in the analog output stage with something better. Just look for an 8-pin chip with writing on it that looks like an opamp part number (i.e. TL072, TL082, OPA132, OPA27, etc) and look it up on the internet. If it really is an opamp, then carefully desolder it and replace it with a better one...
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I'm really beginning to love this mod! My combination Headmaster, Etymotic 4S, and Denon 370 never sounded so good! The bottom end has really been enhanced and as you stated any harshness has been toned down. It really sounds to me like everything opens up! The source material just sounds much less compressed. Where did you hear about this wonderful mod? Thanks for sharing it!
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np! Actually, I found it using google. I was looking for something. Anything. To do with my denon. So I typed in denon 370 tweaks or mods or something like that. I read up on it, and I found out how to do it.

This makes the player AMAZING for the price. It was a great bargain before. This makes it even better.
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Thanks! Just in case anyone else is interested in the little article regarding this tweak here's the link:
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yup! Found that too. The same text is posted all over the net. I was actually at that site as well.
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Even my hi-fi hateing dad(yes, the one that's helping me build the meta)
Does this mean you have two dads?

Seriously, I've done this mod a very long time ago. Too bad I still need the hp jack for most of my listening.
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lol, nope. Just one.

He doesn't hate hi-fi. . . it's just that he's an engineer. And well, you know.
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Heres some other ideas on modifying the denon.

Replace power supply caps with higher-rated caps.

Replace output caps with boutique caps.

Replace opamp with opa 2132.

Got these from a website.
On further inspection of the Denon it seem that the board is upside down while being connected by about 4 long cables that may be impossible to remove without some cutting which I am too chicken to do.
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lol, yeah, me too. When I opened the board, it seems like it would be hard to gain access into the iniards of the cdp. I'm still thinking about a power cord upgrade though. . .
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here a challenging question for the brainy tweaker

is the headphone works on other cd player

Now lets see if the brain does work
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welcome to head-fi!

if your cd player incorporates a headphone out and if it uses the same sort of connection (for example Marantz has the same set up in their cd players) then just follow andrze and flashbak's instructions.

flashback and andrze,

among all the great suggestions here, another cheap and easy mod is to dampen the chassis of your denon (or any other cd player with a flismy chassis). you can do this a variety of ways, but the easiest is to hit up your local best buy, circuit city, or car audio place and buy some dynamat. self adhesive, apply to the inside.

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