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This is Donny's first transaction on head-fi and it was very positive. He purchased a set of Grado SR-325s from me. He paid quickly after the deal was settled, and was in good communication throughout the whole process. Highly recommended
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Donny's second transaction was just smooth as butteh. great comm's, great attitude, great payer!
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I don't know if this is Donny's third transaction, but he purchased a 5XL and Ultimate Ears IEMs. Donny was a clear communicator and a person of his word. I would trade with him again anytime and invite you to as well.

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Frikin GREAT transaction. Donny and I quickly came to an agreement that was win/win, Donny paid via Paypal to an unconfirmed address. I mention unconfirmed because as a seller, I had a laptop and $200 shipping defrauded from me by shipping to an unconfirmed Paypal address. I shipped to Japan and it was flawless. Donny can purchase from me anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Very highly recommended!
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Donny bought my LD MKIII tube amp and my Alessandro MS2i headphones. Communication was fast and prompt..very polite and an overall pleasure to deal with. We met to do a local pickup and he was very friendly throughout. Even though one of the tubes wasn't functioning 100% during audition, he was very understanding and and did not haggle at all. Donny's a great person to deal with, and I wouldn't hesitate in dealing with him again in the future.

Without a question, very highly recommended!
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Bought a MS2i from Donny. Very fast replies and fast shipping (from Japan!). Highly recommended!
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Bought Donny's 5 Pros. Pleasant transaction, good communication, and strangely fast shipping from Japan (three business days!), definitely recommended!
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WOW!!!! Purchased a GO-Vibe Petite AMP/DAC from Donny. Super fast shipping from Japan - I mean just as fast if it were sent within CONUS and very reasonable shipping costs. Amp/DAC is exactly as described. Honest and trusted Head-Fi member. Highly recommended. Excellent communication. Thanks. Cheers ~
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Bought Donnie's ATH-CK100. 3 days from Japan to the U.S. Talk about fast shipping! Excellent price, very helpful and responsive, and easy communication. Very, very smooth transaction. Highly recommended. I will gladly do business with Donny again in the future.

Thank you very much!
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I bought a Sony player from Donny. The player was in even better condition than I had expected, and Donny was (is) a real pleasure to communicate with. Thanks you!


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Hi I have bought a triple fi 10 vi from Donny and I must say it was a very pleasant and smooth transaction. The deal was discussed, closed, amount paid and item received from japan to India in 6 days flat. Extremely reasonable shipping and it was really a pleasure dealing with him. BTW the item was packaged with the original box and was packaged really well.... and item is working perfectly....


Highly recommended guy..... Would love to do business again.....

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