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Questions on Sony DVP-NS500V

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Hi all,
Having purchased a floor model, I do not have a manual for my NS500V.
I have a few questions reg. the menu selections and would appreciate help.

All questions are regarding the Setup menu

1) Custom Setup -> Auto Play
2) Custom Setup -> Pause Mode
3) Custom Setup -> Track Selection
4) Custom Setup -> CD Direct
5) Audio Setup -> Audio DRC

Could you tell me what these are?

Thanks in advance

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The assumption you're making is that the manual is actually useful in telling you what's going on...not always the case. but:

Auto Play: off is default. timer starts play whenever player is turned on. You can also activate the player with an optional timer. Demo1 and Demo2 start their respective demonstrations automatically. I have no idea what they are.

Pause mode: when the player is paused...Auto: picture is output with no jitter. Frame: picture is output in high resolution

Track selection: Off...does not give priority. Auto: gives priority to the audio track that has the largest number of channels. If sound tracks have the same number of channels, priority is PCM>DTS>Dolby Digital

CD Direct: manual contradicts itself. at one point it says that it eliminates unnecessary circuits when playing CD's. At another point, if says to turn it off when playing CD disks, and that turning it on eliminates unecessary circuits needed to play CDs. My interpretation: turn it on for redbook for maximum sound quality. You'll lose quality with music DTS disks. If it shuts down the six channel circuitry, you'll need to turn it off for multichannel SACD. Impossible to tell from manual.

DRC: Dynamic Range Control. Standard: recommended. TV mode: increased clarity at low volume (dynamic range compression) Wide range: best sound with high quality speakers. Impossible to tell if this turns compression off, or actually uses dynamic range expansion.
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I found this link to a Sony site that *may* contain an PDF manual of the NS500V. The site would seem to be down at the momment, so I don't know if the manual actually exists...but here is the URL: http://www.sel.sony.com/SEL/consumer/ss5/home/dvd/.
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Are those settings saved on the player itself, on some type of RAM? Or do they get resetted every time the player is unplugged from the wall? And i also bought a floor model, is CD Direct set to On as default, or Off?
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The settings are saved in the player, and are not lost if the player is unplugged. Default for CD direct is off.
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thank you all
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