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MD-R37SP for $119 a good deal?

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Ok so I pick up the latest JandR cat and spot the R37 for $119, down from $249.

I'm really wanting to try MD for a while, but used MD's aren't much cheaper than new (and I am a cheapskate) so I willing to go with new on this.

So - FOR THE PRICE is it a good deal, or am I REALLY better off saving my pennies and getting a more expensive model.

I am looking ONLY at Sound Vs $$ - this plays, records, and has a digital input, so it has the features I want. Size doesn't matter.

Figure senn490's, V6s and SR-60/80s on the output side.
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A.R., you may want to save your pennies and buy a more expensive model. The MZR-37SP is a version of the MZR-37 with no AC adapter (you'll have to spend an additional $25 or so for a Sony 4.5-volt adapter) and no remote. Its buttons and display (on the unit) are very inconvenient.
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I guess it would depend on how critical a listener you are. If you're the type of person that listens to a lot of MP3s and that sounds fine to you than I would go for a cheaper MD player.
I purchased the Sharp MD-MT821 for about $270 a few months ago after reading some reviews. I can say it was a very good investment. It has great sound and records really well. I'm the type of person that doesn't really listen to MP3s though.
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Thanks for the reply guys.

Eagle - thanks, those will factor into the equation.

Acid - I figure that this will rarely be my serious listening source but will function as a replacement for my laptop as a source at work (lunch breaks and background music). But based on the cans mentioned for listening, would this be a good starter as compared to a portable cd player, tape player, or MD player in this range. I currently live with MP3 just as I do a radio - better than nothing.

For the serious listening, I park my differential on the floor eight feet from my speakers, or 4 feet from my stereo with headphones on.
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Audio, if you don't already have a good portable CD player then I would go that route first. That way you can play your CDs at work and won't have to copy them to listen to them. If you already have a CD player then I would go ahead and purchase a MD player/recorder over a cassette player. My cassette player sounds terrible to me now that I have a MD player. After I copy to MD the thing that I notice is just a little less clarity and sparkle than CD. This difference can be very subtle, though. The phones you mention will work for any portable you decide on. But, I have not heard the Senn 490 so I don't know how hard they are to drive. The Grados and V6 are very easy to drive so you should be fine there.
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Thanks Acid.

Well I do and I don't have a good portable CD player. Put another way, my wife as a good portable CD player, so it is usually with her in the van. I am usually stuck listening to my cd player on one of my PCs at work or listening to MP3s.

The other side of this is that I am wanting to take part of my vinyl to work with me (yes I am one of those nuts that has 3 records for every CD - at last count)(and I pick up about another 10 a month a yard sales). My home system plays tapes just fine, but at home, I would just as soon listen to the record itself. Unless I can find another really nice 3-head deck for the office for cheap, I am just as well off listening to 256k+MP3s on my LT. (And I really don't want a nice component that I would have to leave sitting in an unsecure cubical over the weekend

So, again, thats why MD intrigues me. I can record it, take it to the office, and even take it in the car or van. If I get a home CD-recorder, I still have to get another portable CD player or one for the car (I have more $$$ in my home stereo than I do my car - I've got my priorities straight! ) (And I don't mean the car stereo, I mean the whole car.)

My budget for the year will allow only so much unless I manage to make a small fortune on ebay with one of my reel to reel decks I am about to list. (You single guys better get what toys you REALLY want before you give that girl a ring!)

(but I'd give my girl that ring again! )
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The 37 is OK, but is an older model (released almost 2/5 years ago) lacking in lots of features (and has pretty poor battery life).

If you're going to spend $119, I'd splurge an extra $40 and get the Sharp MD-MT90 for $159. It doesn't have great battery life, but it has 10mWx2 headphone output (compared to 5mwx2 for the Sony), better features and button layout, and later generation ATRAC. It also comes with the AC adapter and a few other accessories, whereas the Sony requires you to buy an adapter:


Check out both units at the MD Community equipment browser:

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And if you don't want to go up to the MT90, even cheaper (though still more $$$ than the 37) is the SR60 - seems to be a solid unit, tho it only has 10 sec. skip protection.
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Sharp MD-MT90

Thanks guys.

Mac, where have you seen a Sharp MD-MT90 for $159? The few listings I found were for $190+
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A.R - i don't kno if this is a quickie sale or not, but check it out!

Go right over to http://shop.store.yahoo.com/electron...arpmdmt90.html
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