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Who cares about the look... as long as it sounds good!

And I know that it sounds good, possibly even better than my prototype, because of the better voltage supply...

(I'm a bit jealous, that thing looks so high-tech!)
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Must.............Know.................How......... ........The................DAC..............Sounds ..............
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Nice looking amp!

I wish the DAC had optical and coax inputs, not USB, or at least optical in addition to the USB. I would have picked one of these up in a heartbeat.
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Those pictures help give the amp a bit of justice, I think. Nicely done.
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How does the DAC sound?
I dont suppose you could compare it against any other DAC's?
I really wish this had more inputs, possibly digital inputs?
I wonder what the resale value of this beast is
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Originally Posted by MasterLoki
meiner ist heut gekommen, sieht echt edel aus der Aria

My Aria arrived today, he looks very beautiful

Headphone: Grado Sr 325i

First impression, A LOT more Bass, less agressive Highs
That is great to hear as that is going to be my exact setup - when you say a lot more bass, what is that with respect to?

Are you running it off the DAC or analog inputs?

Any tonal impact with the crossfeed?

Inquiring minds want to know...
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Originally Posted by ssingh0
Does the sound change using usb versus your normal source?
In fact my laptop is my normal source for headphone listening. Therefore I'm quite happy that it sounds just great. But anyway I'm going to compare the usb-input with that of my Rega Planet CDP connected via the Aria's normal rca-inputs. Unfortunately I don't have the Planet here in my student apartment. I first have to fetch it from my parents house, but this will most likely not be before early in January.

Fortunately Toddy already tried the Aria vs the PCMkII and what he wrote confirms my speculations.

Originally Posted by ssingh0
How does it compare to the porta corda II.
In lack of my only dedicated source (the Planet) a meaningful comparison with the PCMkII is'nt yet possible neither. (I don't regard my PCDP with all its inevitable and strange EQ-settings as an adequate source for critical listening.)

But so far I can really tell you from memory that the Aria clearly sounds better than the Porta ever sounded in the laptop-chain (when connected to the Echo Indigo). It just drives the HD595 with more authority: faster and stronger bass, clearer highs, better defined soundstage and more detail.

Originally Posted by green84061
I must know more as thats the exact headphone I want to use it with.
All I can tell you that they seem to work together very well. Quite punchy and with a lot of fast bass, presented on a nice soundstage.
Anyway I'm planning on getting one of the "bigger" cans in near future. But this is only due to the fact that I finally got an amp that's capable to drive them properly. But as said above this combo already sounds great. I'm just curious.

Originally Posted by jvbb2005
eagerly awaiting more impressions from you
Well, above I wrote all I'm able to tell you until now. But I'll communicate all my upcoming new impressions.

Originally Posted by Agogic
Freut mich noch einen Kopfhörer fan hier zu treffen und sogar aus Düsseldorf. Gratuliere zu neue "Aria"!
Ja, das freut mich ebenfalls sehr. Jetzt sind wir (so weit ich weiss) schon zu dritt hier in Duesseldorf. Vielleicht können wir ja bei Gelegenheit mal ein kleines Mini-Meet mit cosmopragma veranstalten.
Sorry guys for the german - just met another member from my town and had to express my joy by answering in this public post.

Congrats to all the others who got theirs today - it's a very nice piece of equipment!

Although this now is somehow redundant I added some pics as promised
(in my unpacking-order):

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Thank you so much for the impressions.
Can you please edit the picture links? We can't see the photos.
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you need to fix your pictures
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Originally Posted by jerb
you need to fix your pictures
Pictures are fixed.

Was the first time I used imageshack...
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i can only compare it with my PC Onboard Soundchip

i run it with USB (the DAC is better then my Soundchip )

Truly no Bass with my Soundchip, and now the Aria comes into the Game, it was like ---> ---> (good Impact,deep and a little Boomy ---> but i need to Burn in more...)

like Jan says: We honestly believe that this amp represents the ultimate in value for money. At its anniversary price you will not be able to find a better amp. Promised!
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My question, is that does it sound better than a Soundblaster Audigy 2? My Aria arrived this morning but I had to go to work before I could listen to it - such torture . I only have the manual with me to dribble over.

I'm unsure how to configure it with foobar because the audigy 2 was 24bit. I noticed somebody mentioning to use an ASIO4ALL plugin - I've always used Kernal streaming :s.
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when did jan send it to you? because it arrived very fast in england...
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dunno dont have a Audigy 2

why i must use Asio 4 All ? i tried it but i cant hear any difference
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Originally Posted by Atropos

when did jan send it to you? because it arrived very fast in england...
I was also very shocked at how fast it arrived. He shipped it to me Monday morning. He e-mailed me on Sunday to let me know.
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