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Liz Frazer's voice

We should all go and listen to our fave Cocteau Twins track over the next few days and then re post..... ....I think Liz frazer's voice just gets better....what do you think...????
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bump for a good thread. BTW how come no one mentioned Tiny Dynamine/ Echoes in a Shallow Bay except Macdef and only as a part of the list. IMO this album deserves a spot in the top five of CC albums.
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I have no one to blame but Mac....................

I broke down and got used CT singles box set a while ago, mostly to get cool artwork for each CD and also to hear the couple songs only available here and not elswhere.

(now I have another odd shaped box that won't fit my CD shelf system and sets on top )
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(re)production technique

Originally posted by markl
As a product of the 80s (not my fault, accident of birth), I feel I have special priveledges when it comes to slamming 80's production techniques.
hey markl, do your parents even know how little you think of their '80's production technique'? i mean, was it really that bad? now i know the missionary position is considered dull, but...

this is getting silly
apologize to your parents and i'll apologize to you...
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Originally posted by DarkAngel
I broke down and got used CT singles box set a while ago
It's about time

So what did you think of:

Love's Easy Tears
Orange Appled
a kissed out red floatboat

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Originally posted by MacDEF
It's about time

So what did you think of:

Love's Easy Tears
Orange Appled
a kissed out red floatboat

I don't remeber any song in particular, but usually like any CC song with a few exceptions.................btw

Your alter ego robot appears to be going through an impressionist stage..........I didn't know robots had feelings
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My introduction to the Cocteau Twins was a collection of their early singles called THE PINK OPAQUE. It also includes a few quite rare tracks that were not on any of their albums. Is "Millimillenary" in the Box Set? It was an off track that was only on some compilation cassette put out by NME I think.. but it's a fantastic song. Here's the track list of the cd:

1. The Spangle Maker
2. Millimillenary
3. Wax and Wane
4. Hitherto
5. Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops
6. From the Flagstones
7. Aikea-Quinea
8. Lorelei
9. Pepper-Tree
10. Musette and Drums

Though most of the tracks are available, I doubt this collection is very easy to come by.. I got lucky! of course, back in 1988 it wasn't as rare, actually it was their first offical US release. Back then, all 4AD albums were import-only, which I think added the the mystique.. remember those cool 23 Envelope album covers, and the fact that you had to lay down $20 for an album seemed to make those Dead Can Dance and This Mortal Coil albums even better... I mean, they had to be good right?

I will add/agree that Heaven or Las Vegas is a must have!!

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I suggest the Stars and Topsoil. Once you get familiar with those tracks, you'll have something familiar to look forward to when you collect their albums.

PS: What does everyone think of the other remasters? Is it worth getting them instead of the originals?
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I have 3-4 of the CD remasters which are mid price releases, the sound is very slightly better but thats not saying much since original Cds were not good sound quality. (the original vinyl releases on 4AD are different story!) The problem is they are letting one of the band members do the remasters (a mistake) if they had a real pro like Bob Ludwig do it they would probably sound great.

Another poor decision was to release no bonus tracks on remasters With all the nonalbum material they have out there should be 3-4 bonus tracks on each remaster.
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