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Traveling durability of HD600

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I've been lugging my HD600s around alot lately (to the office, friend's homes) in a soft shoulder bag that also holds my TA and R900MD. I don't worry much about the electronics, but I'm wondering about how durable the HD600s are? Anyone ever physically break a pair? I notice that swivels that rotate the earpieces have loosed up some during my travels, but am I approaching a dangerous situation carrying them around? I suppose a hardcase solution would work,(I saw someone - Jude? - uses a Pelican 1200 case) but I'm sort of into carrying bags/sacks that don't advertise: "Carrying something expensive". How durable are the 600s?
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Going back in time to the HD565s. they AREN'T durable... I used to go away every weekend with them, and the back grille used to get pushed in all the time (is only 1/3 of the total earcup, made of metal, and not attached amazingly well) that used to be worrying

My experience with the HD580s (very close in build design to HD600 just using inferior material) is that with them being in a 100% moulded (back) shell that there is nothing that can fall apart too easily

The only problem that I would have with transporting Senns is if there were any pointy objects that I would be carrying... the Senn drivers aren't the most protected items in the world, and i can imagine the horror of something poking through the thin layer of foam and skewering a drive unit

The only other thing that i would be worried about over time is dirt and debris getting into the spring connectors... that would eventually lead to a loss of sound... I guess as long as your shoulder bag is purely for electronics, and isn't shared with football boots or feather pillows, that all should be fine

Oh, and yes, you were correct, it is Jude that has got the pelican case
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My experience

I've never travelled with the '600s, but I have done quite a bit with my '580s, and they've been durable enough. The cord cannot be cut thanks to the kevlar shield, and the only mishap I have ever had was that the miniplug got out somehow once and became caught in an x-ray machine conveyor belt at London-Heathrow. I either bungee-corded mine to the top of my backpack or just wore 'em on my shoulders.

Expect to replace the cords at least biannually (I always buy several because of Senn's flat shipping rate) regardless of how much travelling you do.

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might be a good idea to get one of those Headroom headphone bags.

I'd be worried about damaging the paint of the grilles and scratches and stuff. also try not to get any pressure on the grilles. might also be wise to disconnect to disconnect the cables from the cups, so nothing breaks there. and you don't want anything near the foam on the inside, as Duncan pointed out, it might go staight for the drivers.

jsut frightening you tho, keep the cans seperate and bang-proof and you'll be safe. the bag I mentioned got a few rave reviews IIRC
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didnt your HD 600's come with a hard case? I know mine did....
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I'd highly recommend the Pelican 1200 case. It is a fairly tight fit with the HD-600's, but I find that to be good. Just click here and check out the pics of the SR-325's I used to have inside the Pelican case. That's the foam configuration you want (you can leave the eggcrate foam on the top, and leave just the thin foam on the bottom like you see in the pic). The case doesn't look expensive when it's closed, it looks like a black plastic case -- we're not talkin' flashy ZERO Halliburton case here. I really think you'll like the Pelican case. I'm going to buy a bigger one for holding more of my rig. These cases are virtually crushproof, and most of them are waterproof to a depth of 30 feet.

I carry HD-600's with me quite regularly in the Pelican case, and I have no worries about it when it's in there at all.
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Originally posted by quackman
didnt your HD 600's come with a hard case? I know mine did....

I have two of those cases (because I've got two pairs of HD-600's), and I don't know that those would make good travel cases. There is no latch to keep them closed. And I have a feeling that, as a travel case, the came-with-it box would eventually start to weaken.
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Hi Jude,


Do you still have that picture of your HD600 in the Pelican 1200?

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