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best CASSETTE walkman?

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hi all,
going through a cassette revival since finding all my old tapes in the loft...
just wondering what the best portable cassette players are, i dont really want anything to flashy, just enough to do as much justice to the music as possible.
let me know y'all thoughts and opinions.
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probably the sony wm-d3 or wm-d6c pro walkmans. i have the wm-d3 and still use it with an amp sometimes. for portable this one is probably your best bet with size and battery life. although the wm-d6c is a stone cold beauty.
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I started ripping mine to MP3's.
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Haha, I did a google search for the WM-6DC and found a company that is selling a slightly modded one for $750 USD to film companies. Also, there is a really nice archive of Walkmans at pocketcalculatorshow.com
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For 750 you could just buy everything on CD.
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I use a Sony WM-D6C, but mainly for line out transfers of my existing tapes or 'new' ones I pick up at jumble sales etc. It happens rarely but when I get an overwhelming urge to hear a real cassette on the go, I use a Panasonic RQ-CR18V. Cheap but plays quite nicely (Type IIs as well) and has an AM/FM radio too.
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Is there much difference between the SQ of the Sony WM-D6C and the Panasonic RQ-CR18V in your opinion?
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