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I've been up till 4:30 AM the past two nights, messing around with a new computer. I too have always been a nite owl. My work schedule varies greatly which doesn't help. Some mornings I start at 5AM, others 9AM, and Friday's I have off. On top of that, I get off early on some days and knowing this in advance, I'll stay up late the night before thinking I can always nap in the afternoon if I'm over-tired. No matter how tired I am, I just can't make myself go to bed at 10:00PM, knowing I don't have to get up early the next day or that I'll be able to nap in the afternoon if I want. Needless to say, it's difficult to get into a regular sleep pattern.
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I'm naturally a night owl too. Unless I'm on a schedule where I'm getting up early nearly every morning, I'll naturally gravitate toward going to be about at about 2 am.
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I'm a night owl too, and have pretty much given up on trying to "fix" it. Must be just the way I'm built. It used to have a bigger impact on my when I was working 9-5 and had to wander through a lot of days like a zombie. But now that I work out of my home, most of the things that I do are quite flexible in terms of timing, so it's no big dela anymore.
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As long as you get 6-7 hours of sleep during the 24 hour period, and you don't feel the debilitating affects of sleep deprivation then it should be fine. A lot of people work night shifts and it not uncommon for people to trick their body clock.

But, there is a price to pay for lack of sleep and it usually shows its ugly face later on. These will include, absent mindedness, forgetfulness and irritability... And in worst case scenario anxiety disorders and full blown depression (check wikkipedia).

When I had difficulty sleeping (still do, but now its under control) I crossed the street twice on the red light and was about to be run over by a car!
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i'm definitely a night owl, always have been. unfortunately i never get to sleep in like i used to, so i think i better break the habit if i can...
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Originally Posted by Edwood
<everyone> "Hi, Ed!"
The internet (and Head-fi) is primarily to blame for my staying up really late these days.
Hey Ed; and those are two reasons I stay up late as well. In addition, I do a good deal of training and my best work comes at night (for some reason). I also am a huge movie buff, so I enjoy a good movie(s) without having to worry I'm missing a good football or hockey game.

Finally, my cats tend to be very nocturnal and will not go back to sleep if woken up. Maybe there's a midnight Ramen craving - well they'll get up and want to play. I have to break out the catnip to lull them into a stupor. Thank god my neighbors don't sleep until late as well
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man i live sitting up all night sniffing glue and postng on headfi..

its' the thing to do baby!
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Chock up one more night owl here. There are just times when I can't sleep even though I'm exhausted and Head-Fi is good for those times...
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nother one here , not always but often , late night or begninning of the new day I'm used to read some head-fi , that's probably an inconscious thing that I do to relax in the good way I know ( and I'm used ) before my brain gets the nicest sleep phase/waves
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I went to bed at 6 this morning and the morning before it was 10 am, I border on insomniac, I hate sleeping, I wish I could give it up.
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"sleeping is giving in, no matter what the time is" -Arcade Fire

You have another insomniac here, I routinely stay up to 4 am but usually settle down round 2. unfortuantaly the latest I can sleep in is 7am

I doubt its healthy but I blame head-fi! I usually start my homework round 12:30 (after all the good stuff on Adult Swim is over) and chech the FS forums/memebrs lounge for new posts.

really sucks looking up and telling yourself "damn, I've got a test in three hours" or, "Oh $hit, the suns up!"

but with the aid of redbull, monster, and bawls I make it through the school day
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Originally Posted by jerb
really sucks looking up and telling yourself "damn, I've got a test in three hours" or, "Oh $hit, the suns up!"

but with the aid of redbull, monster, and bawls I make it through the school day
LOL, sounds like Akwok's thread.

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Under the right circumstances I love the night, computer, headphones, book, stepping outside for tea-coffee-cigarettes. (Allow smoke to drift up to insomniac neighbour Ted!) Quietly sneaking back into bed at 3:00am and flipping through the channels. Not a care in the world. The right circumstances are being off work the next day with nothing important early.

What is really annoying is fighting off sleep and lead weighted eyelids at 8:00pm because it's too early to turn in and later getting a second wind around 10:00pm and looking at the clock at 1:30am! I'll have gone through a few distraction exercises to disrupt the thoughts that have kept me up, but shutting down the brain isn't always easy. I went three nights straight with four hours sleep a week ago.

I think I'd find myself in Ed's position very easily were I to be a house-husband...er I mean work at home.

OT: I once dreamt the alarm clock went off, went into the shower, then into the kitchen fixing a lunch for work and did a drowsy double take at the clock-11:00pm! I'd been asleep half an hour!

If I need to sleep at say 10:00pm I'll get up early 7:00 that morning, even if I don't have to, and stay awake without a nap all day. I'll avoid anything too mentally stimulating after 8:00pm (yeah, bore myself to sleep). Censored activity with a partner helps. I'll watch a half hour TV of something light hearted, comfortable, familiar-a Simpsons episode for the 1000th time works. When zero hour strikes I roll on my stomach with arms over head as it's a slightly less than most comfortable position and acts as a mental distraction. 90% of the time deep relaxation comes fast within 5 minutes to the body/mind, the position becomes instantly uncomfortable, I bring my arms down and am gone for good. Sometimes mentally playing a favourite song with lyrics intact can work. It's a passive unchallenging mental activity. If things don't work out I may rinse and repeat.

Goofy yes but the point is, through trial and error, to find a personal routine and ritual that works.

Good luck Ed! (get up at 7:00 daily?)
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I'm a night owl too.... Forced into it by my kids. The 1/3/5 AM feedings are killers. Life BC (before children) used to include 10-11 hours/night of solid sack-time.

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Originally Posted by Naga
theres a guy here named insomniac
and he's got some of the sweetest gear too! I wouldn't sleep if I were him...would be too busy listening to music.
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