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Originally Posted by TsukiNick View Post

Very good headphones, I recently got them and they are great for electronic music, games, and movies.  Sadly my FiiO E18 has trouble driving them to medium-high levels depending on the track (Older tracks recorded at low volume are a pain.)


My creative Sound Blaster Z as well as my Onkyo TX-8555 Drive them relatively well, still need to try my sony STR-911 receiver.


I might want to get a dedicated amp for these headphones under $175, but heard these can be pretty picky with amps.  Any recommendations?

I am ordering the DT990 Pros - 250ohm today.  All I have is the FiiO E17 so I am wondering if I won't have enough to power these new headphones.  I got a good deal so maybe a new AMP/DAC will be in the cards as well! I am hoping this will be a step up from my Custom One Pros which I will probably keep for more isolated listening.

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You should be fine. I have the DT 990 premium and the COPs and I think you'll be amazed at the difference with the soundstage. But it's a good idea to keep the COPs around. 

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Thanks!  I am hoping the DT990s will offer more detailed treble, imaging, sound stage and sense of 'air'.  I am curious about how detailed the bass is in comparison.  I expect the impact will not be the same, but wonder if the accuracy of low bass notes will be improved?  Regardless, I plan to keep the COPs around for my isolated listening.

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I have DT990pro and they need new ear pads. Where can I buy those in Canada and at a fair price? Saw one online store wanted $70.00. 70 bucks for ear pads? Nope.


Bass is about same level as Creatve Arvuna Live! Deep but not overly so.


I have a tube amp but have ran 990pro 250ohm out of amp on EMU 040404 USB (which is not very powerful) and they were fine although have to almost max the volume knob to get really loud. I use low gain setting on my tube amp and they don't need high gain setting at all so I am betting your amp is plenty for them.


EMU amp is 20mw and tube amp is 220mw but have no idea at what impedance those specs apply. Standard for stereo amps is at 8ohms but headphone amps don't seem to use a standard.

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The air sense will definitely be better and the low notes will be much more accurate. You can get earpads on Amazon for a reasonable price, although I've never done it.

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Amazon has them.

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I have to use amazon Canada and when youn do that the price jumps up to $48.00.




That seems a high price to me when I know I can buy some OKish complete headphones for that price.

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I found them here as well.

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The earpads are expensive. They're a nice material.

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So I was curious how well my HTR-6130 would power my headphone here is the specs from customer support. Tell me what you guys think.


From our owners manual:
Headphone Jack Rated Output/Impedance
CD, etc. (1 kHz, 200 mV, 8 ?).................................... 0.4 V/470 ?

Best Regards,
The Yamaha Customer Support Team
P.S. Please do not remove the " [ref: " in the Email Subject when replying to this email.
Application/Technical Support
Model: HTR-6130
Hello I was curious what the OHM was for the 1/4 headphone output on the Yamaha HTR-6130 Receiver? Thank you.

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Most receivers don't have issues powering dynamic headphones like this. I don't know if yours would work, but I would consider getting a cheap headphone amp like the Schiit Magni instead, since the headphone output on receivers typically aren't the best.

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The Schiit Vali also sounds good with the Dt 990 Pros if you're into tubes. The FiiO E09K sounds great with them as well if you're into solid state amps. I've used both amps with mine and both work well and have plenty of power to drive the DT 990's

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I know a lot of people who like to run these off a receiver so you should be fine.
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New 990 Pro owner here. I traded my 770's for a pair of 990 Pro's. Very comfy headphone. 

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Do you care to share with us what differences you heard between the two?  Were you tempted to get the Premium version by any chance?  BTW, how does your O2 match up with it in comparison.  I hope to get my DT990 Pros this week. 

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