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Every Thing in its Right Place
Where I End and You Begin
The Fade Out
Exit Music (for a film)
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How to disappear completely. Just did a quick search. Here's a quote from Thom.

-Thom: (when asked about the meaning of the line "I float down the Liffey"): "I dreamt i was floating down the liffey and there was nothing i could do. i was flying around Dublin and I really was in the Dream. the whole song is my experiences of really floating" December 19, 1999

Sounds like the song might be about trying to get away/wake-up from a nightmare.

Depending on my mood I personally have always used it a sort of detatchment/denile from any of the crap going on in my life, or if I'm really lonely and feel that I'm kind of being ignored it is a great song to cry to -when I'm in that mood I find it the perfect song to sing to myself when I'm in a crowd and no-one is paying attention to me.
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well.. goes alittle deeper then that. It is a mix of a dream, I can see that part but the end of the song. I hope a good Radiohead fan would be here to explain.
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I hope someone tallys the vote! I'd like to see the overall top 10.

Here's mine:

01 Fake Plastic Trees
02 Subterranean Homesick Alien
03 How to Disappear Completely
04 Let Down
05 Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was
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let down
karma police
kid a
pyramid song
wolf at the door
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How to Disappear Completely
Paranoid Android
Street Spirit
Tied for a few songs on Hail to the Thief, possibly Punchup or Where I End and You Begin.
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No Surprises and How to Disappear have very painful connotations to me, but the fact that they're so tied into a specific time in my life just makes them even better (although it's hard for me to listen to them).
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1. Paranoid Android (They will never top this. Their crowning achievement IMO)
2. Just (their best "rock" song)
3. How to Disappear Completely...
4. Maquiladora (odd choice, but it's my favorite b-side of theirs)
5. Black Star
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No order, I'm shocked that the first two haven't been mentioned:

I Might Be Wrong
Idioteque (Kid A version)
Let Down
The National Anthem

I've always thought that ...Disappear Completely is about performing onstage. Particularly about one time in front of an enormous number of people (festival or something) where TY basically went completely numb, and went almost outside his body kind of, as a way of dealing with what must be a very strange situation (that many folks staring at you). I'm pretty sure someone in the band confirmed that, but it's been so long that I'm not 100% on it. The lyrics bear this out, I've always thought.
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My five favorite Radiohead songs:

1. The Tourist
2. How To Disappear Completely
3. No Surprises
4. Bulletproof...I Wish I Was
5. Paranoid Android
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5.) Black Star
4.) Sulk
3.) No Surprises
2.) Paranoid Android

Sadly, never really got into their later stuff. Maybe I'll try again later.
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The song is about those times when you just want the ground to swallow you up because you're in a situation or place that you really don't want to be in. And you go into your own little world, and you tell yourself it isn't happening.

This song refers to this kind of moment when one is in a situation that one hates and where one prefers to take refuge in his small world far from all that, while thinking that nothing arrived.

"Strobe Light and blown announcers, Fireworks and hurricanes." This sentence could refer to one their concerts, which remain a rather bad memory for the group, it acts of that given to Glastonbury in 1997. The fireworks had started whereas the concert was not finished... Many feared that fireworks would hit the crowd and Thom could do nothing to stop it.

"I' m not here, This isn' T happening" Thom seems to remember here a council which his/her friend Mickaël Stipe gave him, the singer of REM, when at the beginning of its career, Thom was décontenancé and wondered like facing this sudden success... ' to close the shutters and to say itself ' I am not there, that is not true PS ', answered Mickaël. Thom also says in an interview: "The lyrics cam from something Michael Feather-grass said to me. I row him and said, ' I cannot cope with this.' And He said, ' Sweater the shutters down and keep saying, ' I' m not here, this is not happening.' '

here is how Thom explains it : I float down the Liffey. "" I dreamed that I slipped into a beer and that I could nothing make. It was during a flight towards Dublin, I had really returned in this dream. All the song speaks about the moments when I really floated."

I heard the scenes at the 1997 Glastonbury Concert were alittle more troublesome but I can find the exact detail on the events that year.
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Virtually every Radiohead song is in my top 5. They are good.

A few that really stick out are:
Wolf at the Door
Exit Music (For A Film)
Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Life in a Glass House
Gagging Order

Not neccessarily the best, but some good ones that dont get named that much. Especially Gaggin Order of the Com Lag EP. Just Thom and a guitar, gorgeous.
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1) Bulletproof
100) Let Down
101) Karma Police
102) FPT

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5 A-Sides
  1. Paranoid Android
  2. Let Down
  3. Street Spirit
  4. Optimistic
  5. Wolf at the Door

5 B-Sides
  1. Talk Show Host
  2. How Can You Be Sure?
  3. Fog
  4. Palo Alto
  5. Killer Cars

5 Live-Only/Unreleased:
  1. True Love Waits
  2. Nude
  3. Follow Me Around
  4. Lift
  5. After the Gold Rush (Neil Young cover)
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