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Top 5 Radiohead songs

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Here's my list IN particular order:

1. Fake Plastic Trees
2. No Surprises
3. Let Down
4. High And Dry
5. Creep

I went the safe route and chose the singles (except for "Let Down"), but "Fake Plastic Trees" may very well be my favorite track ever.
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let down
everything in its right place
climbing up the walls
parnoid android
fade out

^randomly chosen because most Radiohead songs max out the awesomness scale.
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no order

morning bell
kid a
idioteque (live)
paranoid android
my iron lung
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In no order:

Pyramid Song
Let Down
Paranoid Android
Street Spirit
Fake Plastic Trees
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In no particular order:

No Surprises
Fake Plastic Trees
There There
Talk Show Host
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(Nice Dream)
Let Down
Everything in its Right Place
How to Disappear Completely
My Iron Lung
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The National Anthem
Idioteque (live)
Talk Show Host
Paranoid Android
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My current top 5 would be:

1. The entire Bends album;
2. Paranoid Android;
3. Everything in the Right Place;
4. Knives Out;
5. 2+2=5
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I'm definitely one for their crazy paranoid epics

*national anthem
*paranoid android
*wolf at the door
*karma police
*life in a glass house

I think National Anthem & Paranoid Android are their best individual songs

I wonder if they will ever release a 20 minute Echoes-like piece
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1. High and Dry
2. Lucky
3. Street Spirit ( Fade Out )
4. Where I End And You Begin (The Sky Is Falling In)
5. How to Disappear Completely

I could have picked differently but some pick all the same songs.

What was the meaning behind the song "How to Disappear Completely"?
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Karma Police

and that's about it. I'm a casual listener.
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1 How To Disappear Completely
2 Kid A
3 Everything in its Right Place
4 Paranoid Android
5 Lucky
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1. Fake Plastic Trees
2. Black Star
3. Idioteque
4. Street Spirit
5. Sit down. Stand up.

Its hard to put an order on it, but thats my best guess.
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1. Let Down
1. Idioteque
1. Stupid Car
1. Exit Music (For a Film)
1. How to Disappear Completely
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so what is the meaning behind the "how to disappear completely"?
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