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Found a review of it

I found a review of his MD player if you want to take a look. seems pretty good just like what he told me.


It is actually cheaper than my relatively new Sony MZ-R900 !
Which I did not know before I tho sony-JE630 cost more than $330 ( the reviews says 249 or so)

Hope this helps.

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tnx tides! The JE630 looks interesting, it certainly has all the features I want. I have seen the similar JE640 for about $235.
This is getting harder and harder, I mean, how many Sony decks are there?
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As I remember correctly this is how Sony line of MD decks goes
MDS JE (or JA for american models?)
These are basically older models, no longer in production but old stocks could perhaps be found. They don't have type R ATRAC

When I got mine this was the newest Sony line. All exept 330 came with type R ATRAC but not MDLP. They also have some other features like pitch control and from 730 and up a keyboard plug for fast titling.

This is the newest line still in production, don't know much about them.
There are also couple of models in the ES series but these are too expensive
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My friend is a very BIG MD nut. So if that is the player he uses, it says a lot about that player. I am not currently interest in a home MD system ( my new portable MDP is more than enough)

But if I ever look into one, I will buy what he uses. He raves about that Sony MDS-JE630 he owns all the time.

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Yeah, I would work if i could find any. Only place really is a local pub, where I used to work. But after a period of time that job is not even worth the money. Bussing tables at that place sucks.
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