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Minidisc homedecks

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I'm thinking about buying a minidisc homedeck, but I'm not sure what I should get.
New ATRAC versions and other technologies (MDLP etc.) seem to follow eachother in a steady rate, would it still be worth it getting an expensive deck?
Is there a big difference in sound (recording and playback)between, say a Sony ES deck and the cheaper Sony's?

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I believe that of the newest decks, all use ATRAC Type R. However, Sony tries to convince potential buyers that their ES line provides the best sound.

Perhaps this is so. But the MDS-JB940 model, the top of the non-ES line, is said to sound very good and to rival the ES line. At about $400, it seems to be a good deal.

I agree that ATRAC seems to be constantly improving; however, MDLP technology really is something rather new and no technology within MD has ever been so big. All the latest Sony decks, though, have MDLP, so that's not something to consider between models.

When I was following MD equipment a while back, people seemed to say that the MDS-JB9x0 series sounds pretty much the same as the MDS-JAxxx-series models. Since most MD enthusiasts aren't exactly audiophiles, I'm not sure this is the case. But you should probably try to find your nearest Tweeter store -- they have lots of MiniDisc decks, so perhaps you could try to compare.
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I own the MDS-JB940, and it performs great as a home deck. Plenty of inputs and outputs, editing features, and great sound. However, it did not cost me $400. Some online vendors, I recommend www.video-direct.com (authorized sony dealer; where I got mine) have the deck for much cheaper. I think I paid around $290 shipped when the deck first came out last fall.
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wab: What about Sony's most recent md/cd deck? It should already have mdlp included, and both the cd and the md part were rated excellent (at least for the older version - I'm not sure about the new one). Another advantage: high speed dubbing - I think it's 4x, now. You can check the data and user ratings etc. on www.minidisc.org.

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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All of the SOny decks don't have type R ATRAC versions. The SOny 5 disc-changer/CD player (MDXD5?) still uses ATRAC 4.5. The MD/CD player has the advantage of 4x dubbing speeds and convenience.

I also have the JB-940 (type R) and after several hours of listening I think there is a slight advantage to the recording produced with the latter. Also the 940 has an optical out, which can be useful.
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There have been problems with recording from CD to MD on the MXD-D3 (namely, when there are no silent spaces between tracks), so I'd be cautious about the MXD-D5C. I didn't know, though, that it uses only ATRAC v4.5. Since it does, it probably isn't such a good choice.
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I don't think a CD/MD I'm gonna go with a CD/MD combo because I already have a good CD-player (Marantz CD6000) and also because I don't mind recording 1-speed.

Today I tried a few decks and noticed a big difference in playback sound-quality between the cheapest and more expensive QS decks, they don't differ that much in recording quality (from what I could judge in that noisy store).

I think one of the MDS-JB9x0 models would be best for me, but I need to save up some money first
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I have MDS JE530 which is a type R machine but not MDLP. Never bothered with LP modes since the sound quality drops too much for me.
Type R ATRAC however is a nice thing. I comared it against records made with my former portable MZ-R70 which had an ATRAC6.0, the latest before type R and could hear differences in low frequencies resolution and overall dynamics.
In short go with one of the Sony type R decks.
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blr: I think all current Sony's use the type R Atrac, right? I don't care about MDLP either.
Does the JE530 have a coaxial digital input? I read using coax instead of optical gives better recordings. So far the only decks I have seen which have a coax-in are the QS and ES models.
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The MDS-JB940 has coax in and output. But the thing that really sold me on the deck is that is has a PS/2 keyboard input. It makes titling tracks 100 times faster.
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The JB series and the ES series all have TYpe R ATRAC's the CD/MD models and others still seem to have 4.5.
Dan, I had an MXD-D3 and now the D5 and never ahd any problems with silnces or track marks. Of course thats very small statistics, I've heard of other problems that I have't seen on my decks.
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To answer your question wab, yes the JE530 has both optical and coaxial inputs (plus analog of course) but only an optical output. Yes you're right all of todays Sonys are type R ATRAC, sorry I just leave in the past. When I bought my deck the type R was still a novelty, but this was year and a half ago, i.e. very long time by MD standards.
I agree with rc7 that a keyboard input is a very nice thing. Since my deck didn't have it, I purchased a gadget called EasyTitle (I believe it's not made anymore). This is a small black box that connects to a keybord and allows wireless titling and stirring of any Sony MD deck. Very nice since I don't need to run a cable between my stereo and keyboard. The IR sender on the EasyTitle is strong and it works anywere in my living room.
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That product sounds awsome. I was considering buying a wireless keyboard, but I do not have the funds at the moment to spend on such a novelty. 16 year olds don't generate too much cash.
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They generate enough cash if they work 30+ hours a week
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My friend has a Sony MDS-JE630 ( this player uses ATRAC R )
and he *loves it* . I do not know if that is good or not. But he loves it

Originally posted by Voyager
They generate enough cash if they work 30+ hours a week
well that only works if they actually willing to *work* than hanging out ~!


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