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Grado BASSHEAD Mod....

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Was discussing this topic in another thread with Tyll and Saturine... and it does work.

Place a 1/2" strip of masking tape around the perimeter of your Grado Bowls to increase bass. It creates a more enclosed volume of "pocketed" air between the diaphragm and the eardrum. The driver behaves as a pressure pump... directly pressurizing the eardrum.

Initial impressions are more bass and deeper extension. Bass seems "heavier" and more "thumpy", maybe a little less air and articulation.... but the impact is certainly increased.

trying it out on my MS2 (not known as a bassy can to begin with).

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HOLY moly... Ive turned my MS2 into a DT770.

A/B'ing with my HF1, and there is a LOT more bass pumping from the taped MS2.

I'd post pics but it looks far too pathetic
Those of you with Grados who find them too bright or lacking bass might want to give this a try.

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Picture speaks thousand words...please do post some.
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double post.
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sorry the forum seems got problem with db...
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WOW i just tried this on my sr 80's and WOW
the bass is so much more powerful (if that makes sense)
i can actualy feel the bass hit unlike before

nice mod

also: use clear tape, it doesnt look bad that way
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triple post.
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ONE thing to be carefull with... The masking tape can be sticky, it tends to pull of little pieces of foam, so be carefull when removing. Might want to use scotch tape instead.... and it looks better too.

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lol, just when I need tape I can't find any. Way to go.
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hmmm... time to experiment with my flats, bowls, masking tape, electrical tape, maybe even the hd414 pads. should be fun.
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Originally Posted by discord
lol, just when I need tape I can't find any. Way to go.
Me too. Sigh... Maybe it's a good time for me to go out and get one.
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you know what else does this to grados? beyer pads

of course, there's a $119.99 difference in costs between c-pads and tape.
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Hmmm, interesting mod, I'll try it out ASAP, especially if I can get it to work with my reverse cut comfies(which are quarter mod comfies but you reverse the mount for a cleaner proper sized hole, like a flat pad for example). Also, I wonder what would happen if I used oversized rings of ABS pipe (2.5" to 3" diameter by 1 in. with an outside edge that slopes inward of possible) in the place of tape, maybe it'll give it a more consistent resonance by being ABS as well?

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