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I have none thankfully.

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Originally Posted by saturnine
I've noticed the exact same thing. After a few beers (6+) it seems my Tinnitus gets worse, and stays that way until the alcohol is out of my system. This is one reason why I'm starting to drink less..
I think it may have something to do with alcohol-induced dehydration. The next time I drink, I'm going to make a conscious effort to drink as much water as possible while I get inebriated. I think it might help. If nothing else, it will at least prevent any possibility of a hangover.
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None fortunately, although there have been many occasions in the past where I have suffered post gig/club hearing loss or ringing that has lasted =< a few hours.
The worst ever was after I went to see The Jam in Bath in early 1980 - I was just about stone deaf until the following morning.
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Originally Posted by allenf
None fortunately, although there have been many occasions in the past where I have suffered post gig/club hearing loss or ringing that has lasted up to a few hours.
The worst ever was after I went to see The Jam in Bath in early 1980 - I was just about stone deaf until the following morning.
You lucky bastard
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In bed at night I can hear it slightly, but its worse in the morning when I wake up... I have no idea why though. I don't listen to headphones while I'm alsleep, I remember it always being there a little bit but I hear it more now, mainly because I came here and found out what it was and started concentrating on it! I can't say its loud though and I can hear my TV buzzing away like mad when its switched on.... maybe its the TV causing some of it... Damn thing!
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Opps... First double post
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As hard as I listen in a quiet room, I can hear nothing. That's a good thing, right? =)
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IMO, this is one of the most IMPORTANT threads ever started on Head-Fi. I feel we have an obligation to take note of these alarming results, and to caution newbs and elder-statesmen alike about the danger of this threat. It has certainly not escaped my notice...

Those folks who are under the age of 25 and already have the beginning stages of tinnitus, you can certainly expect to lose a substantial part of your hearing as you age, this is just the early warning sign. Got your attention?

As the chief headphone site on the web, perhaps we have a responsibility to all visitors to do what we can to curb this shocking outbreak.

I don't know about you, but my own conscience is on alert due to this thread. I would hate for an off-shoot or side-effect (however un-intended) of this site to be a legion of deaf people 10-30 years from now. That would be cruel.

I've posted a couple articles here recently on the threat to hearing posed by headphones, and I've seen several network TV news broadcasts on the growing problem of headphone-related hearing loss, just another a couple nights ago...

I know I'm not the best example as I tend to listen loud, and I'm so grateful that I don't have a tinnitus problem, especially given the fact that I've attended hundreds of live rock concerts. I'm lucky, but I don't feel my experience is typical based on this poll, and I will be turning the volume DOWN as of now....

Given how much music means to me (it's my life-blood, really)-- I can't imagine how awful it would be to be deprived of it due to my own deafness as caused by a headphone enthusiasm. Really-- watch out! This poll should be a sticky and should stand as a WARNING to all ye who eneter here...
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On further thought, maybe what would be useful would be a WARNING that pops up when a new member tries to register. Not a waiver or disclaimer for legal reasons, but just a friendly pop-up that tells newbs that over-exposure to headphones played too loud can lead to tinnitus, and just look at how many members here already have the affliction...
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^ great eye opener. people my age listen to music obessively loud. It's a little weird as its becoming a fad or something. It's now cool if you are playing metal or rap so loudly on your headphones that you are annoying the people sitting next to you. One incident on the subway I witnessed: two teenage girls are sharing a pair of ear buds. One girl says to the other, "I like it really loud, are you ok with that?" and the other girl says "no problem" The person in charge of the volume knob then proceeds to turn it to max, and I can hear every word the rapper is saying sitting 10 feet away (from an earbud!). I don't know when it became the norm to crank music on headphones but so many people do it nowadays. Sometimes I get so angry at my friends when they say louder is better! This cd player doesn't go loud enough! Perhaps they have a sense of accomplishment being able to tolerate full volume on their portable. I have considered plugging them into my cmoy and giving them a full volume blast just to show them how stupid they are being...but thats too evil
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I don't know that today's youth will necessarily be any deafer than their parents who were either exposed to loud rock concerts on a semi-frequent basis or were exposed to worse things (combat, jobs that involve a lot of noise, etc).

I have moderate tinnitus from years of working in extremely noisy equipment rooms (Ya, I'm a telephone/IT guy) and I'm sure that cranking headphones on portable stereos for years didn't help much either. Thousands of miles spent tearing the roads up on high performance motorcycles probably hasn't helped.

Although it sometimes seems my idea of "loud listening" is very moderate compared to what people will put themselves through now.

Back to the topic, I can hear moderate ringing in a quiet room or even in a room with a tv going if I concentrate on it. It's only become really noticeable over the last couple of years. It is absolutely at its worst when lying down or with earplugs in my ears.

Now that I'm 33 I figure part of it is age related hearing loss. Hopefully I lose just enough more to get the damn ringing to stop.
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I've got a bit of it... but mine is pretty variable and seems to associate itself with stress.... Generally I only notice it when I lay down to go to bed.

Anyone ever hear of something called the Alexander method? It's this sort of kinesthetic training for musicians... I used to be mildly into it when I was a singer. Anyway, I once talked with a practioner who claimed that a lot of tinnitus that we think is from damage is actually from pinched nerves. I don't know if I really believed her then, but since then I've met with a few people who claims it fully healed their ringing... I still don't know if I really believe her, but it is something to consider.

IIRC, most studies suggest that the vast majority of the population suffers from it in one way or another.
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I think I have it ever so slightly, and it's actually only really apparent when I stick my fingers in my ear canals to block out the ambient noise. Other than that, I hear it very rarely when I'm laying in bed. I do hear it sometimes when I have my K271S's on but don't have any music playing...

This is definitely a problem that should be taken seriously. I remember Rolling Stone did an article about hearing loss, and it definitely caught my attention a bit. I've turned everything down to like a whisper when I listen to music these days.
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I don't have permanent tinnitus. I only experience mild symptoms of it after exposure to loud music or loud noises. One time I was lying down in my bed in the middle of the night and I noticed a very high pitched ringing sound and I panicked. I thought it was tinnitus but later I found that this high pitched sound was coming from my wireless router.
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now i definitely feel abnormal/out of place because i experience tinnitus.
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