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I got in!

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This has nothing to do with Headphones but I just like to shout out to the world - I am going to be an Architect!!! (I hope I haven't jings it)

After 2 months of waiting, filling in forms and interviews, I finally got into Post Graduate Dipolma of Architecture. Now only 2 more years of studying to do................ (already done 3 years for my Degree in Architecture in University "college as you guys call it in the states")
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Congratulations, raymondlin! That's really great that you are getting to pursue the career you want to. The two years will fly by............hopefully not too fast, though.
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Thanks joe, but i'll be so much in debt by the end of it, it'll be ridiculous.

But it should be fun and lots of hard work too!
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I'll talk to you later on ICQ, but I'll say it here also:

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Jude, Thanks! I am at a friend's (web designers ) house in manchester at the moment and there's no ICQ until I get home, so i'll talk to you then.
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raymondlin, congrats. I have a good friend who finished a similar program a couple years ago and really liked it. Best of luck to you!
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Good job, man! I have a friend who is working as an architect, he's real busy, but then he's also real good. Best of luck on your future studies!
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Damn raymondlin, congrats. Looks like once you become an architect, you will be able to afford pretty much any piece of headphone gear you want. I hear architects gets a small percentage of the total cost of a project for their fees. It's usually a hefty chunk of change given that projects can be pretty expensive.
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Thanks everyone.

Wing, we normally can get between 8 - 12% of the total cost of the project value (Thats on top of everything). But the bigger the project, the smaller the percentage.
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WTG Ray!!

Look on the bright side... You'll get letters after your name!!... and then the bad... You'll be paying off your student loan for the next 30 years!!

All mocking aside... best of luck!
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Duncan - sorry to spill your beans, but I get a GRANT!

I started uni just before Tony Blair abolished the Grant system, so I still get one. I get one every year all the way through my studies but it doesn't mean I don't get into debt. Especially having this very expensive hobby & my HiFi and all!

And I already have BA(Hons) after my name, but by the time I finished, I should be Raymond Lin BA(Hons) Dipl RIBA
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Congratulations....and if you think you'll be in debt, just be thankful you don't want to be a doctor
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coolvij, is that what you are going to do? be a MD?
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