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AKG K240 S/M/DF Appreciation Thread

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Love my K240s. An $80 headphone should not be this much fun. Great can for modding and a good recable candidate.

Post pics & comments if you feel the love!!

The Myung-Man... in the house!!

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yeah, i had them for a month or so...
they really were great....
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Yup, i got my dad's 10-year old K240 Monitor's plugged in right now. These headphones are just wonderful, lucky for me to have my dad just pass them down.
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If there was ever a pair of headphones that deserves first ballot headphone hall of fame status, it's got to be the K240M. I've had a pair for better than 20 years, and they still sound great...and as the cans in my computer rig, they get plenty of use to this day. Amping them has really brought them to a level I'd not thought possible, but they still sounded decent powered by the headphone jack of my old NAD amp.

For years, I saw these cans in use in recording studios, in radio stations, and any place else where it seemed that good, clean, true reproduction of the source signal was critical. Though less common today, they are still very well represented. Those of us who have owned a pair know why.
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My father bought a pair of K-240M in the late 70's I think. I was about 12 years old and they were my first experience with "good" headphones.

Several years ago I bought a pair of K-240M and just recently bought the K-240S. They do rock...in a boomy kinda way.
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To me K240M is the most liquid sounding headphones i own. Probably more so than HD650 and K501. Yes they don't have the frequency extension (both high and lows) or the dynamic impact that most modern phones have.... but what is there is just oh-so-smooth.
Edit: i can't live with the bloated bass of K240S though.
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My first pair of *good* headphones were AKG 240M's bought back in 1982 IIRC. Disappeared in the early 90's which is when I picked up my Grado's. Maybe it's time to get another pair for old times sake.
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I never was much of a fan of the somewhat bland sounding K240DF (though I really love that black pro look... ) - but I liked the K240M a lot at it's prime time (early 80s), and I like the K240S even more nowadays. A classic, and a worthy successor - both with very good value for the price, fine comfort (if one doesn't mind pleather earpads) and good durability. And I'm also still very fond of the design. Appreciated!

Greetings from Hannover!

Manfred / lini
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Although I have Stax Lambda and Beyers DT880/990, my K240M remains one of my "references".

It is surprising how a middle-seventies-designed headphones like the K240M can be so coherent, so "flat", and detailed on mid and mid-highs.

It has its flaws, but the K240M make you to enter in the music in a wonderful way, also nowadays.

Good work AKG!

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I wonder if the reason the classic AKG's sound so 'right' is that much of the music we listen to was engineered using these headphones in the studio? Basically we are hearing what the studio engineers heard from their boards.

I also cast a vote for the K270S - a relatively unsung, and often maligned can that I happen to like quite a bit too.
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I'm a recent conver to these cans (AKG 240S) and i must say, that once I got my setup right, the bloated bass just melted away..

I'm hoping to get a Go Vibe for X-mas (yay Wifey!) so I Look forward to hearing them properly amped

I've seen some AKG's in so many studios that I figured that I couldn't go far wrong with them. If it's good enough for the musicians and engineers, then it's gotta be good enough for my cloth ears!

Best $70 I ever spent on hi-fi gear

And they're so comfy and keep my ears nice and toasty in the winter
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I just ordered a pair of K240s for $69 USD and am excited to use them with my computer. I'm no audiophile but I'll update the thread with what my layman ears feel when I get them

I love what is now a retro look. Also I'm pumped because the alternatives I was comparing them to were multiple times more expensive, so I think I got a good value
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I have been very happy with my 240S. I picked the up for 90 bux from GuitarCenter. The sounded right to my ears compared to my Grado SR60 and HD 485. They also scale well with amplification. I picked up a RockHopper Pimeta from a Head-Fi member and found sonic bliss for 160 dollars .
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Love my k240s too. I've got amazing synergy between them, my "maxed out" headsave classic, and Azur 640c. The balance between this bright and detailed source, transparent amp and groovy liquid can is really magical. Its a beautiful rig for rock and reggae.

God bless the engineers at AKG...
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I really like my recent acquired K240M.
yep I`m gonna look for those velour pads.
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