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I only heard of Chevelle when their first mainstream single, 'The Red', saw plenty of air play, and led me to get Wonder What's Next and really enjoyed the album, though the slightly whiny vocals and lyrics were a slight negative.  The subsequent albums were just average at best, with most of the songs seeming to blend into one another without the same energy from Wonder What's Next and I haven't really listened to Chevelle for a good 6-7 years unless it happens to come on the radio while I'm in the car. 


I think Chevelle is a good band, get unfairly labeled as Christian rock when I think they're more nu-metal than anything else, but went through a period that lacked inspiration, though I haven't heard their most recent album. 

i've never gotten the christian rock band vibe from them. Honestly, some of their stuff is a bit on the darker side. It's really not cool for people to label bands as "Christian rock" It can crush their image. I hate to say that but its true. Unless it can be directly related to God/Jesus, it's not Christian rock.

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the reason why theyve had this christian rock thing attached to them for so long is because the label that they released their first cd under, Squint Entertainment, was a christain label, but they are not a christian rock band, they have said so repeatedly in interviews and such

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I've seen them live twice, great both times. They may not sound like any other nu metal band, but they do sound a lot like Deftones, another good band if you're into Chevelle.

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