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My first cmoy

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Ok, I purchased almost all of my parts for my first stock cmoy except 2 burr brown 134s, the enclosure, and a potientiometer(volume).
Purchased the rest of the parts for about $1.50.

The source will be my sharp mt90 md player. Now, it doesn't have a line out, but I've heard that the sharp models that "do" make you set the volume to 30 (max) to get a line signal. So, should I have a volume knob? It looks like I'll have to purchase the rest of the parts in the US when I get back.

I think the 134s are $2 each. What about an enclosure? Can you guys also recommend a volume control?
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I guess you've seen Girlsound's thread back in Headwize that answers your question. I'm a little dissatisfied with the enclosures I've seen. They all seem to either look goofy/cheesy, or else they're outrageously priced. I'd have to second Chu's rec. for the candy tins.
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